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  1. frosted

    NEED EVERYONE's imput

    after having a demo from a rep from avigalon i would seriously consider this equipment, i was very very impressed with the ccd megapixel cameras they do. i install a lot of mobotix gear but if this person is a pro player then they will have the budget for this high level equipment
  2. this is the point im making, mobotix run and internal computer assuch so that the recordings are in a useable format. sony and panasonic ptz put the files in such a useless way. mobotix stored information can be used with their software regardless of storage location. storing information in this manner means no recording device or "NVR" is required to process video streams on the network. god i hope im making some sence ! lol best regards sam
  3. frosted

    Cheap Color Bullets - Buyer Beware

    fantastic. cheers for the info rory very interesting ! and yes you have a very valid point about msn,
  4. frosted

    Cheap Color Bullets - Buyer Beware

    sorry to go ofsubject but rory you have to be joking. how the hell can they make voip illegal !!!! thats bloody nuts! is that external or internal systems as well ?
  5. yep the old 10 metre rule. u need planning if the cameras are within 10 m of each other on the exterior of a building. not allways true. but still most the time. bloody uk planning regs lol. thats actually not correct they should still be liscenced. ive done some major event cctv stuff in the uk and you need sia regardless of if you paid or not. if you look at the sia requirement employment status is not part of the system. well its expensive and another bloody awfull system but speaking as someone who has a cp ticket with them it is good becuase it takes all the idiots and people with non spent convictions out the loop (dependent on offence of course) although the one BIG issue haha is that someone who has been done for armed robbery and has a SPENT conviction can still get a ticket. and this is no joke i might add!
  6. frosted

    UK CCTV suppliers

    LJD < - best left forgotton. however they do have one awsome product. a ladder. no im not taking the ***** honest. extendable and perfect for onsite jobs! well worth a purchase at about 60 quid ex vat if i remember ( guess im not breaking forum rules with quoting a price of a ladder ? ) regards sam
  7. as usually when i write and my mind is on many things im not being clear. mobotix cameras do not require a pc. this is what im getting at, so they use either and ftp server or windows share (on a nas box for exmaple) while mainting the video from the cameras. this is why i like them so much. but they seem to be the only product to be doing this effectivly in the market, they allow full frame rate streaming in a useable event driven forum as well as a fully controled 2nd stream for users without messing up the "network local" recorded footage. robin , its sam burns here sorry i woke you at 8.30 in the morning, just for back from my road trip just for some reason i though u were around that area, no more shreddies for me ! and no need to pm you as im looking forward to seeing you in the next 10 days or so
  8. frosted

    Arecont 3130 to NAS?

    thats the key robin, when you can drop deploy camera systems. this is where mobotix is excellent (if only better image size and quality) for this as the network software and storage options are excellent
  9. subject says it all really. trying to find a ip camera ptz or megapixel (and yes i know mobotix does this lol other ones please ) which can duel stream, one for remote monitoring (with bandwith adjustment) and locally record on a nas for exmaple. one of the key points the recordable footage is actually usable and at least a format you can edit ! Best regards sam
  10. well after testing and seeing them at iffsec still not 100%. to be honest i just dont think the technology for storage is there. the look on the chaps face when i said i want all the cameras realtime was a picture lol haha
  11. i might get shot here. but ive been using a 22x zoom autofocus camera for plates and assumign you have good lighting it allways gets the plate clear as day. only costs £120 quid trade as well in the uk (note if someone would actually add me to dealer i would not post prices lol) now no good in difficult situations, but the client might have a site suitable for this kind of setup..... (note - it mangages to get plate and usually a nice pic of the driver car e.t.c.
  12. frosted

    ge vs honeywell

    to be honest imho, 3fps is just shocking. would never install a system that could only handle this!
  13. ive had a 2mp one for testing now. not actually that impressed hoping that one ill get for testing after ifsec will be better!
  14. ill try and tell you what one comes with my demo (they said im getting the right lens) and my apologies i just re read my reply and i sound like a bloody arogent arse lol!