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  1. VP-100 is cost effective VP-101 is MPEG4 Hardware CODEC
  2. VPON VP-100 4CH Analog+hybrid 4CH IP system
  3. I am working for system integrator company, we are using VPON DVR kit. But my brother works for VPON. That is why I am very familiar with VPON. No intent to advertise VPON here
  4. Tommy104112

    VPON Products

    VPON currently has many new products announced! As I know, they have hybrid solution and IP surveillance solution too! Based on e-mail I got from them, their CMS SecuWatch is free and support IP Cam & video server at very cost effective market price range!!
  5. Tommy104112

    VPON DVR's

    VPON VP-41 DVR card is their 4CH MPEG4 HW Codec DVR Card. I hope they have H.264 card available soon!
  6. I think VPON POS solution can support 16 POS cash registers now!
  7. Tommy104112

    Avermedia + IP Camera

    I just received e-mail from VPON that they announced that VPON CMS SecuWatch can do 32 IP cams. And VPON CMS SecuWatch is free for download!! Just wondering that any try VPON IP solution yet??
  8. FormosaUSA is US branch office of Formosa21 which is the manufacturer of VPON. FormosaUSA is also use the name as "Aegis Micro, Inc." They are located in Los Angeles area. you can either find their web below www.aegismicro.com www.vpon21.com
  9. U can call aegis micro, which is VPON US branch office to ask for demo unit to try out. U can also try CMS for free! actually, VPON is really good at remote viewing! I know that they have IP surveillance available now their IP cam and video server works nice with VPON CMS
  10. I have used this software for a while, SecuWatch can do auto scan for their VPON DVR. Also, the most convenience thing for me is the easy set up for all setting. As I know they have the software free for download upon you send your request to them. I like SecuWatch, my clients like it too!
  11. I heard that VPON has CMS "SecuWatch" allow to manage this kind of big scale DVR environment with good remote viewing video quality. They have the knowledge to develop both hardware and software for DVR solution. U may check with them!
  12. Tommy104112

    VPON vs Cyber Vision

    VPON has more component products (such as motherboard for dvr builder, 4~8 CH Linux embedded DVR card, MPEG4 Hardware codec....) for DVR builder. They also provide local technical support in US. You may check with them 1-866-go-4-vpon
  13. Tommy104112


    I agree that VPON is a good choice for DVR builder. They also allow you to put ur logo on the GUI and web page. The high quality video with high reliable performance
  14. Based on my knowledge, VPON has hybrid DVR Kit solution now. I believe they are planning on NVR solutions. U may check with them.
  15. As I know the Linux embedded DVR solution is good for DVR because of the sucure and reliability advantage. Regarding to the price, I think China may have cheap price, but doubt for the quality both hardware and software. I know some brand name such as VPON, Cybervision... all from Taiwan. also there are some Linux solutions are from Koera.