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  1. Anybody has experienced with Geovision IP Cam FV-FE110 Fisheye Camera ? thanks guys
  2. rudijanto69

    Avermedia NV7480/NV6480 with Mobotix Q24

    Thanks for the reply, I was wandering if u could rearrange the angle of the 4 ch ?
  3. Anybody has experienced installing Avermedia NV Series (NV7480/NV6480) with Mobotix IP Cam Q24 ? Thanks guys.
  4. rudijanto69

    Windows 7 & NV5000

    please try to change the PCI slot if u happen to have problem with Win7 Professional 32 bit, as we had the same problem and changing slot resolved the problem till now.
  5. rudijanto69

    Avermedia EH5116 Pro or EH5216 experience?

    hi, anyone has experienced with EH5116 Pro installed with 16 all ip cams ? thanks.
  6. rudijanto69

    Probably Yet Another Question Regarding IP vs Analogue

    Why don't you give a try Avermedia NV Series ? since that DVR card has capability of accepting Analogue and IP Cams
  7. Anybody has experience with Avermedia DVR Hybrid EH Series ?
  8. rudijanto69

    Motion tracking system

    u could try Avermedia NV Series with software version 7.7 that has PTZ Tracking feature
  9. rudijanto69

    Remote Viewing with Blackberry

    it does not matter the software version, please install the java viewer on your Blackberry and change the APN of your Blackberry into your provider's GPRS APN.
  10. rudijanto69

    Remote Viewing with Blackberry

    I managed to get it working for Java Viewer under Blackberry, anybody having difficulties, please let me know.
  11. rudijanto69

    BB Help

    Could anybody help me to view geovision remotely through blackberry ? thanks
  12. rudijanto69

    Geovision on windows mobile

    I was wandering if someone could help me to view geovision from Blackberry ? thanks.
  13. rudijanto69

    Remote Viewing with Blackberry

    I was wandering if anybody could assist me to confirm if there is possibility of Java Viewer run on Blackberry ? thanks.
  14. Does anybody has experience with DVR Card from Hyundai Telecom (Korea) as i do have problem with stability of the software, if anyone has an updated software please let me know, thanks.