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  1. Erron S.

    3XLogic USB to RS 232

    We appreciate the kinds words fellas!
  2. Erron S.

    More for the Installation Hall of Shame

    It's a "cam-a-sauras-rex"! Does it still work?
  3. Erron S.

    More for the Installation Hall of Shame

    The double sided tape is classic. I literally LOL'd at that one. Look an involuntary ptz!
  4. Erron S.

    Percentage of cameras sold

    We've seen a huge swing in the last year. Now it's about 25% analog, 75% HD IP. A year ago it was the other way around. I think the consumer market is starting to figure out the advantages of the upper echelon camera systems.
  5. Soundy, give me a ring. I can get you in direct contact with their US "main tech guy", Paul Kuzin.
  6. Yes, yes it is! Careful though, if you know more than the instructor, you're offered his job.
  7. Check is in the mail Soundy. There are always new installers that have 'a little' network experience. We show them how to identify a network and run the vast array of manufactures finder utilities and setup the camera through the web browser and see where it goes from there. We start off slowly and get more and more complex until we see the "deer in the headlights". That's when we stop. Some trainings are a few hours, some last for 3-5 days, it all depends on how in depth they want to get. We see everything from -never done it- all the way to full blown multi-certification 20 year veterans in the IT field.
  8. Erron S.

    OMG OMG!

  9. You are certainly not asking too much Chris. In fact, it sounds what you are looking for a partner and not just a supplier. Thanks Soundy, I try my best to get here as often as I can.
  10. Erron S.

    Auto Targeting Paint ball guns

    Oh I SO want one of these. Hahahaha!
  11. Erron S.

    OMG OMG!

    +1 Vote for Epic Thread of 2010 Holy cow, I shouldn't have but I laughed out loud a number of times reading through here. At first I was like.. Then I.. Thanks guys, needed that today! " title="Applause" />
  12. Erron S.

    HD PTZ options

    HIK is also manufacturing a 1.3MP PTZ. I've sold a number of these to a few integrators. They are really, really nice! The price is great as well.
  13. Besides New cameras how(if) can I eliminate the problem of IR Halo? You can try to seperate the IR portion with a piece of foam or something basically blocking the light from bouncing back into the lens.
  14. And that is why I want to become a Avigilon dealer NO ONLINE PRICING you can only buy direct though a dealer " title="Applause" /> AGREED! We do the same thing. We supply PROFESSIONALS with PROFESSIONAL level gear, there is no online pricing anywhere. Period. I wish more manufactures watched their online pricing structure closer.