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    GE phasing out DVMRe-CT

    I notice that the only GE DVR that supports being archived by the SCSI Port or Firewire is the one they are going to discontinue the DVMRe Triplex? They are also discontinueing the ability to get extra caddies to hold the removeable harddrives for the symdec. On another GE note i found out why the symdec hybred DVR does not function remotely well. It uses or needs 2.2 Mg upload speed at the site for one channel 30fps at D1. Its a total bandwidth hog.
  2. Its a sad day for those who love the dvmre ct...... This is a email from GE..... To better serve our customers and focus our energies on new technologies, we're phasing out several aging and less popular digital recording and face reader products. For example, single-channel recorders will be phased out over the next year and will be replaced with multi-channel units. Other specific changes include: DVMRe CT II digital recorder with the New WaveJet Compression replaces DVMRe CT DSR digital recorder product line reduced to three models VDR digital recorder to be discontinued KTR-11 and KTR-90 series face badge readers to be discontinued (Nov. 2007) For more information particular to your product needs, please contact your local sales representative. Sincerely, GE
  3. blowrabbit

    How camera can have more then 525 lines ?

    Rory, your really right on about the speco mini-dome. Its the absolute worst dome i have ever installed even though it claims to have a very high resolution. Pulled them all out, really poor.
  4. I have a situation where I am trying to use a ge symdec-4 remotely and its a hog on bandwidth. My dsl line from quest is suppost to be at almost T1, at one mg per minute [upload]. This is at the actual site. I have tested it at the site with a laptop that rated the speed some what close to what Qwest says it is. But once I get to the central station the download tests out at less than half of the speed at the remote site? The central station downloads at 6mb's so its not the problem. This occurs at 3 different remote sites ? With wavelet its fine, showing a download speed of 30 to 85 kps, but trying to use symnav's mpeg-4 it max's out at 120kps? The site are supposed to be able to upload almost 1mg?? Oh yea its a static IP address on dsl at all three sites and broadband at the station? any ideas ??
  5. blowrabbit


    Are the ge dvse storage units worth the time and expense to use with either a ge dsr2000e or a dvrme? Do they offer the same functionalites with remote view, playback, ect? And has anyone had success using the ge combination of a dsr2000e coupled to a ge cbt 16channel mux on top of a dvse? i just put in 4 160gb 5400rpm maxtors in the dvse and it boots up fine. i could throw in another 4 to get 1.25 terabtys but thought i'd ask first?
  6. blowrabbit

    Images with lines? Blur images

    looks like a bad cable connection have you checked them and are you using the compression type ?
  7. blowrabbit

    ICRealtime - First Impressions

    Have you ever used the GE dvrme-ct or the new Symdec-4 [hybrid] and if so how do they compare to what you mentioned regarding the playback functionalities of quality and time signature ? I have the same concerns about fastforward playback when used remotely.
  8. blowrabbit

    Casino DVR'S

    you guys should see what a sanyo digital dlt4800 time lapse can do. the picture is 520 tvl but searching to find an event is laborious at best. i have heard from the local adi guy here in the pacific northwest that the ge symdec -4 is [D-1 four channels w/ audio per unit] really popular in the local casinos. but yea they are small local indian casinos. [the units are not costly, cant say how much you know] so you could stack them up.
  9. blowrabbit

    removable hardrives?

    the caddies that carry the removeable HDD's are they universal or generic in the sense that they can hold the drives that are removeable out of various DVR's? I ask as i saw some at compusa that look like they would fit the one on the GE symdec?
  10. i have simular problems with my symdec GE D1 4 channel Mpeg unit. i have a almost T1 upload speed at the site of 1mb but the thing will pixel out unless i drop it down to 5 fps leaving it at D1 on all 4 channels. i dont know if its my modem or what? i run a software showing me that i average 100kbps from it even though i should be pulling a meg from all the tests, and the ge teck thinks its in the pipeline so how do you fix that? ive ran speedtests showing me great speeds remotely and locally but it just dont really happen.
  11. blowrabbit

    Legal Woes -

    somebody should turn these jokers onto this web site so they can get a realalistic perspective on the situation, as they may be under the delusion that they have been wronged. [did i spell realalistic right?]
  12. blowrabbit

    GE's new SymDec-4 ?

    Has anyone had any luck hooking up a symdec with remote view? I got it to work for just a little while and it was great untill a ge teck and myself blew it up remotely configuring it. Well i guess it was sorta messed up from the get go. Anyway ge support was nice enough to test it and replace it when it was found to be defective. However i am still getting pixelated pictures on remote view at upload speeds of 800kbps at the site. I have broadband remotely so i know its not that end. This unit is the bomb when it works. I was told that ge closed down the plant in california where it was made and now theres only one teck at kalatel who has the ability to work on them. Part of the problem is one manual says you need 1gb of ram ddr sdram and 3.4 ghz speed and another manual says you neeed 512 mb ram and 3.0 ghz speed? Either way it uses a lot of resourses. I should mention that you can and i did blow up my remote computer in the process. Oh well nothing like reformating your hard drive This thing streams 30fps D1 / four channels, how much bandwidth should that take? any help is appr.
  13. blowrabbit


    hey thought you guys were at the show? its hard to let go isnt it? anyway we will be waiting for your take on the new stuff.
  14. has anyone ever put more than 2 cams in the SD-1500 ? i got 2 opposing side view cams in but the product specification sheet says you can put 4 side view and one down view. it also shows 2 sizes of housings for the cam. Nobody at ge support knows what i am talking about and they say the sd-1500 will do the job. BS. the sheet shows a second size housing thats both wider and deeper but nowhere is a part number to be seen??? this is nuts i have 2 sideways cams in it and there is less than an inch between them for a down cam ?? the spec sheet is on ge's web site look at page 2.http://www.gesecurity.com/portal/site/GESecurity/menuitem.f76d98ccce4cabed5efa421766030730?selectedID=7826&seriesyn=true
  15. thanks for the response.
  16. Its a DIY upgrade according to spec sheets and GE reps. Hasn't someone here got 1st hand experiance with it?
  17. i guess nobody has put more than 2 cams and that would be with one as a downviewing cam [p3 or p5, pinhole] and one or two side viewing high resolution cams into one of these ultra line smoke dectors??
  18. blowrabbit

    Speco DVR-T16IP

    are you refering to the sanyo tiger or the intellacam??
  19. do you know this by personally installing the cams ?
  20. my symdec blew up after the ge teck loaded upgraded software via my eithernet connection. now in the menu it shows a place for motion detection. but this dvr does not have motion, gee, i think he loaded the wrong upgrade? so i quess its time to go back to GE. i hope they fix whatever they screwed up?
  21. i just got a symdec [ge] vsr-4-300 up and running on with remote view and it replaced a ge dvrme 16ct-640 A and although it is only four channels the picture is at least twice as clear and definative. i guess that is why they call it D1. anyway it makes me think twice about replacing some cams cause they look a lot better now, local and remote.
  22. blowrabbit

    remote picture quality, wow.

    actually this is a standalone unit. unfortunatly between the ge teck and myself we sorta crashed the system downloading some flash update program and i will have to wait untill monday to reach him to fix it. the unit is okay but needs to be reconfigured.
  23. has anyone hooked up 2 dvrs at one site to be accessed remotely? do you just use a multiport 10/100 switch ? I was told you need to configure the modum so that it has 2 listening ports, say 1025 and 1024? oh yea the two dvrs use different software for remote access and different compression but that should not matter? any thoughts?
  24. They are both ge, one is a symdec vsr-4-300 and the other is a dvrme 16CT-640-A. So one is wavelet and one is MPEG4. The Symdec is not supposed to supprt multiplexing but i did run a 4 channel mux through one of the 4 channels and it worked fine along with the other 3 channels. This is to get around the only 4 channel restriction. do you mean to have both dvrs assigned to the same ip address?
  25. blowrabbit

    whole new Breed of DVR GE's Symdec vsr-4-300

    I just talked to a salesperson at ADI in my corner of the states and he said that the gaming industry here has just purchased over 60 of the Symdecs. I can see why as it would suit their purposes. Streaming 4 channels of D1 using Mpeg 4 compression on a 300 or 600 GBHD. thats one or two weeks respectively of real time recording. The price is about half of a well equiped DVRMe.