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  1. okshadow

    Zmoda dvr-h9116uvdh

    I have this at my home, when I try to log in I put my ip in and the login screen comes up, admin and I have the password disabled in the dvr so no password and nothing happens, I can hit it on port 9000 on my phone but not on my computer, any ideas here.
  2. okshadow

    Hard Drives

    I have a Zmoda dvr in a entry area of an addition, the building is not heated or cooled, dust inside, I have put two hard drives in so far and it's dead again, any recommendations on a hard drive for extreme conditions. We are in the 110 deg. in the summer and -10 in the winter, need input on the best hard drive to use.
  3. I watched a video that the guy had two way com between him and his front door and then backed up a screen had a program to open and close his garage door and then back to video, what is needed to be able to do that. Zmodo 16 channel dvr.
  4. On this dvr is there a way to not have to log in everytime You want to do something, like move a ptz camera
  5. okshadow

    Zomoda DVR 8118HV help

    I have installed a ZMODO dvr, put all the port info in, double checked it, and every time i try to go in over the Internet by IP the screen comes up and thein I get Invalid account, any help, can't ever get threw to them.
  6. I have IP Cam Viewer by Robert Chou, have used it with several systems but my problem with it is the PTZ isn't working from my HTC phone, have tried to ask him to fix the issue and have been totally blown off. I have MEye it connects to server, but then get no responce, anyone got a good viewers?
  7. okshadow


    I bought a ULTRAK KC552BCN camera which is 24v, were you connect the power there are three tabs -G- do you have to have 24v on both sides of that and ground in the middle or how does it work, I have always used 12v cameras and not 100% sure where to go now.