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  1. I will double check, but last I knew Bosch were not using Kodicom's dome. Doesn't the Bosch do auto tacking on its own? Kodicom's does it with the DVR software.
  2. paprotec


    Yes, sorry.
  3. paprotec


    Any one know of a good VDA. I need 8 in 16 out. Thanks
  4. paprotec


    that is good info to know. Do they have any US OEM's?
  5. Anyone know the 3R DVR? Is it any good?
  6. What version of software are you running? Do you have the IP? Send me a PM and i'll check your speed against what our test servers are running. We usually get good transfer rates with DigiFlower.
  7. Unimo are also very good, but i don' think they have PoE. http://www.unimo.co.kr/eng/?tmpl=ProductMiddle&lNum=2&mNum=20 http://www.saysecurity.com/network.htm http://www.pixord.com/
  8. SAY Security sells the Pixord IP camera with some special software to record over the network. Pixord do have PoE and are much less than Axis. Quality is good.
  9. paprotec

    General Solutions

    yes, they are still selling them
  10. paprotec

    General Solutions

    I don't think GS is doing it. I think BW is just telling everyone they are. GS is now doing a lot themselves.
  11. paprotec

    General Solutions

    GS is tt Big Wide. But they will be doing more and more on thier own. There is a lot more churning to come.
  12. paprotec

    Vehicle CCTV system

    http://www.aegison.com/ Aegison is not bad, but expensive. We sell one that is less expensive and does 4ch of video 4ch of audio. Best i've found. www.saysecurity.com
  13. paprotec

    Got it...

    yeah, not a bad board. Anytime