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  1. Gesualdo

    Need help catching illegal dumpers

    You could post a solar light to trigger at the road as they enter lighting the vehicle and use a separate battery powered camera or a separate battery and ir illuminator and several cameras pointed at that lighted location. Light might make them pause for a good shot. but I would definitely separate the illuminator from the camera location to secure the camera location. you will need several batteries. Realize that ir will not give true color where a solar powered flood light will. how far are you from any power source? IR illuminators are relatively cheap, as are lower res long range cameras with 5 -50 mm lens. I would focus it on only the width of the rd. pick up the back of the vehicle will give better luck on plate reading and low angle also to cut head light glare. possibly put light source on one side of road to focus attention there and camera without ir further back or and/or on the opposite side. hide camera and power in stump, etc. or tree. any curves in path? catch them as they come around it. good luck
  2. Gesualdo

    I need advice please

    Thanks, I was going to run cat 6 to the new ones and may change them out later 1 at a time. Any recommendations on specific dvr. I was looking at the dahua hcvr7808. A few questions though ? 1- What format are the video file recorded in? 2- what resolution playback? 1080 correct? 3- What is the largest IP camera resolution mp? 4- limit to frames rate per camera? or overall? 240 ? where to get in US?
  3. I need to update and expand my system. I have an old 4 camera analog system. I am looking to add at least 2 more cameras now and and replace the DVR and replace others later to all Megapixel cameras. I am looking at 8 channel dvr's. I do not want to replace the Siamese cables or the existing cameras at this time. With a moderate budget of $1500 would it be wiser to go with a hybrid IP/analog dvr and use baluns over the existing Coax, or go with analog/HD-TVI/IP or Analog HD-CVI/ IP setup to use the existing cameras and add IP new ones over cat6 cable upgrading the existing to CVI or TVI Cameras later. I have not found a dvr that will allow me to convert to all channels IP and still have the 4 analog for now. From what I understand IP give me higher MP cameras where HDTVI and HDCVI limit the resolution to 2mp. Direction in which way to go would be. appreciated. Need: 8 channel dvr with 4 analog to upgrade to all MP option1: 8 channel Hybrid IP analog DVR option2: 8 Channel Hybrid Analog/HDCVI/IP DVR
  4. Gesualdo


    I am researching dashcams for the car, one with all the bells an whistles for the father-in-law. He is looking for my recommendation and I will be getting the same one, whatever I like it. So what do you have/ like and dislike and should avoid? I am reading that some have big gaps in segments between recording. I kind want the black box aspect with gps, speed , direction sensors etc. Thanks in advance
  5. Gesualdo

    CNB xcm-24vf problem

    Sorry for not getting back about this, The camera was toast. Received the new one the next day and sent the defective one back. The new one is working fine. It set up a lot easier this time. Gesualdo
  6. Gesualdo

    CNB xcm-24vf problem

    I have a new CNB xcm-24vf camera that I just installed, and about 45 min after install (just enough time to put everything away) it started to act like it was irising due to clouds passing over, no problem. this then gets faster. It then was flashing to a white screen and back to the picture really fast, it then when all white for a few seconds and finally went black. All within a couple of minutes. I didn't have any problems on bench before installing. After I took it down and put the old camera back up. I tested it again and it is still black screen. I have already set up a return and should have another camera tomorrow. Having said all that- What went wrong?
  7. Gesualdo

    help! advice replacing 4ch dvr

    thanks everyone. This is driving me crazy because I basically need to decide for someone else. let me run a couple of scenerios by you to clearify my understanding. 1- If I use ip over coax: I will need IP camera, hybrid dvr, and converters to power and convert signal to coax and back to connect to dvr. but gain more cameras, higher resolution, image size, and frame rate depending on dvr. But, more expensive connector/converter and possible converter size problem on camera end. using octagonal box at present for connection point. 2- If I use HD-SDI: I will need HD-SDI camera, Hybrid HD-SDI DVR, existing cable. I will have few cameras (maybe not enough), limited picture resolution and size than IP, slower speed, but at higher cost 3 If I simply replace with analog camera: quick fix, easy, relatively cheap, but low resolution, low size. poor playback quality at present and not sure higher quality camera is cost effective solution. 4- All IP: replace everything at once. Cables, DVR, 4 cameras. I will probably need to replace the DVR eventually- within year or two and really trying to not run new cable. and option 4 really isn't in the budget. I can't figure out which way to jump what equipment to buy.
  8. Gesualdo

    help! advice replacing 4ch dvr

    Aside from higher price, What I am finding is that the HD-SDI dvrs is they can only handle 1 or 2 HD-SDI cameras and at a lower framerate and resolution and are limited to 1.3 megapixel cameras. am I wrong? I do not find name brand dvr's and suppliers, I must be missing something in my search. My sources are online only. I like the idea but have not found the applicable units yet. What do you suggest? And thanks for your responses I had all but given up on getting a response to this thread.
  9. Gesualdo

    help! advice replacing 4ch dvr

    what are the problems and limitations of the camera and recommend a dvr?
  10. Gesualdo

    help! advice replacing 4ch dvr

    I need to at least replace an analog camera right away. I can use the existing cable as it is 95% copper braided 18/2 siamese, and I do want to go megapixel on at least 4 cameras, 2 megapixel each. I can only switch 1 camera at a time due to budget for camera and dvr at once. I will appearently need the converters to ip over coax, but will they fit in a electrical gangbox? Is there one that will still use the power siamese side or is it only over same cable? Will I need some other device to connect the ip camera to the dvr? I am not looking to network the cameras. I do want 30 fps true D1 playback on existing analog from recorded and live view for each camera. full 1080 from megapixel. I'm not sure what prices are available. I do not want to go casino prices nor cheap low end, around $1000 or less, if possible. Gesualdo
  11. Gesualdo

    New Dahua DVR

    Thanks groovyman, 16 channel is more than I wanted but if I need to go there to get features and without limitations(?) for future upgrades to system then thats where we go. Gesualdo
  12. Gesualdo

    New Dahua DVR

    the Aver does not appear to have all the features the Dahua dvr does or am I mistaken? Would one of the others from them serve better or move to an 8 channel that will have larger resolutions with fewer cameras?
  13. Gesualdo

    CNB VBM-24VF

    do they have bullet versons of this camera? Gesualdo
  14. ESCBT700-VDIC2 vs CMR5077DW vs AP-CG40SHS-70 vs ESC1-wdr2 Of the 4 cameras above which has the best specs and would you recommend? I was considering the esc1-wdr2 the best . thanks for looking