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  1. Thanks everyone with help on my previous issue. thankfully, I was not going crazy - I was doing everything correct - the Motherboard was fried. My friend with the DS4 - Sorry - I have not used a converter. Also the general concesus is that the DM hard drives will only accept 8MB in Cache. I have stuck to that and had no issues. The theory of only being able to support 160GB is bogus, though. I have upgraded all my 160's to 320GB PATA, 8MB cache - and they work fine. Hope that helps......
  2. Thanks for the manual. Unfortunately, looks like I am doing everything right! The new HD says fine - it is just continuing to say "incorrect software build". I am going to rebuild it today and see what I get. Whether I use the original 160 or the 320, same error message.
  3. Excellent - and thanks for the reply. I have been good with the 320's. I actually had the same error with the original 160Gig HD. I am going to get another DVTU unit (we have many (alot)in our fleet, so this won't be a problem) - and straight copy the hard drive. I will let you all know how this goes. I honestly believe that is all that it will take. The DM service department is "rude and offensive' as you encountered - you would think with as much business as we have given them, they would be a little more pleasant in the out of warranty repairs...... I will make this work one way or another - as it is now a matter of personal pride.............
  4. I have been upgrading the 160's to 320, but now have anew problem I have not encountered before with the DS2A. It boots to "Software build incompatible, DVTU". I was sure to only load and extract the DTVU 3.1 software, so I am at a loss at this point. Anyone have any suggestions?? J