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  1. galaxy60

    wireless camera hookup

    Have a look at http://www.ubnt.com/airmax The Loco M5 should do you just fine, if they are analogue cameras then you will need an encoder / decoder.
  2. ZyXEL GS2200-24P for all 24 Ports full PoE you will need the additional PSU model Number:- PPS250 Or you could try the ZyXEL GS1910-24HP which is PoE Plus
  3. galaxy60

    Network Monitoring Software

    You can monitor the bandwidth on your PC i.e. when you are running the viewing software with a free trial from http://bandwidthmonitorpro.com/ To check your connection ports etc within the command prompt type netstat or netstat -a or netstat -e this should list the ports in use local and remote on your PC Hope this helps?
  4. galaxy60

    Digital Sprite 2 problem

    With the alarms on the DM units either it be the internal or external alarm module you can not go over 1 ohms resistance and the GJD detectors have an inbuilt 36 ohm resistor across the relay contacts causing the DM to not see any activity. I would recommend you have each alarm input to drive a relay and then use the clean pair of contacts to activate the alarm inputs of the DM unit.
  5. galaxy60


    I am not too sure about your DVR i.e. what ports you are required to open but I do have some free manuals for your router using various CCTV products. www.cctv4all.com
  6. It depends what you want to do with your setup, DM have a good advantage as they have loads of different telemetry protocols i.e Pelco, VCL, BBV Dennard etc. they also now have two twisted pair PTZ ports so you can have a mixture of telemetry and up the coax like BBV. DM can also have remote CCTV monitoring and is to BS8418
  7. When you connect with your DVR software via your LAN, using DOS type netstat -n and you will see what ports are in use from your PC to remote hosts, you will need to look under the section for foreign address find the IP address of your DVR i.e. will show that the software is connecting to the dvr using port 80 As a rule if you are connecting via the same router you should use the LAN IP address and when off site use your routers ISP WAN IP address or domain name!!
  8. I have started to use the Draytek Vigor 2800 ADSL and the 2900 Ethernet Routers, they have Inbuilt LAN - LAN VPN like most routers but also offer Single users to dial in using Drayteks free VPN configuration software for WIndows XP and Vista. Support for VLANs DDNS also have a USB port for either a printer or a 3G USB Card as a backup for critical systems. Have a few setup examples on my website using the Intellex and a VPN setup www.cctv4all.com
  9. galaxy60

    DM DS2/DX/16C/25PPS

    Goto the menu for the system Time and Date, at the bottom of the screen is the current software version loaded on your system i.e 3.0(006) DVTU you must make sure when you download the software from the manufactures site you have the correct version DVTU or DVTX etc, Also before you swap over the drives make sure you have setup an IP address as you will need to input this for the software to reload onto your new drive with the provided FTP application.
  10. galaxy60

    Accessing dvr viewing via IP

    Hi, Try my site for some examples, goto the PDF section all the guides I have provided are free. www.cctv4all.com
  11. You will need to setup a VPN connection using your Domain Name to connect to your router once the VPN is connected you can access your DVR via its local LAN IP address I would stongly recommend Draytek routers the VPN software is free and will work very well www.draytek.co.uk
  12. Make sure that you also replace both the 5V fans inside the DM unit as this is the main course of the hard drive failure (bad ventilation) All drives are currently PATA and DM are currently using Hitachi drives, also check the 5v rail to ensure the voltage isn't to low when all drive are connected (on load) Send me a PM and I will tell you what type of format you will need to set the drive for
  13. galaxy60

    Dedicated Micros DVR internet connection?

    The digital sprites are a very good all in one solution, they have lots of different PTZ protocols and allow you to wire alarms directly into the unit which can be setup to drive your PTZ to a preset. I think you got a fair deal for that price! check the manufactures web site to see if you have the latest firmware if you press menu where the time and date is displayed if your unit is 3.1(165) DVTX then your rmachines motherboard is a DVTX and you should check to see what the latest version is for your DVTX motherboard. http://www.dedicatedmicros.com/software_release/index_firmware.php Networking, enter the relevant details as per my website to download the viewer software just enter the IP address of your DVR in your web browser and you can download the viewer / playback software onto your PC.
  14. galaxy60

    Wimax Cameras?

    So far I have not seen any WIMAX camera's, we have just done a trial with Intel where we used a dedicated WIMAX AP and then connected straight into our IP encoder. Great trial and I was impressed with the coverage we had got
  15. galaxy60

    Dedicated Micros DVR internet connection?

    The legacy DS2 has a dedicated 10 Mbit/s network card like all other version this can then be networked onto a router for remote access but you will have to forward some port over to the IP address of the DS2 and setup the gateway etc. You can find more information on how to setup the DS2 and more on my website under the PDF manuals section. www.cctv4all.com