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    What does that mean and how could I troubleshoot that?
  2. WSS


    I'm pretty sure the power supply and cameras are good, because i switch the one camera that was making a good picture with the one that wasnt and still got same thing. Also i tryed power one camera by the alarm panel and the other by the power supply and it was still happening. So I thought i eliminated the power and cameras, so i ran a new piece of wire just on the ground temporarily to see if it was the wire and it was still doing it!
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    i'm saying baluns but i dont think thats what i mean, i guess its just a female bnc end with leads coming off of it so i can connect it into terminals on the camera.
  4. WSS


    The balun are because this type of covert camera doesnt have any leads just terminals, like a regular motion detector.
  5. I have 3 bosch covert motion cameras coming back to a nuvico ev-4000. Altronix 12vdc power supply. Have rg-59 running to the cameras and attached to the supplied baluns. All 3 cameras have a great picture individually. Camera 1 looks good always, and when I plug in camera 2, they both still look good, when i attach camera 3 camera 2 and 3 get a moving overlap. Kind of like when you have something moving on your eye, or like a ghost. Camera 1 and camera 3 together look good, but when 2 is added 2 and 3 get that weird ghosting again. have just camera 2 and 3 connect, if i remove one, the other picture clear instantly. Its almost as if there linked somehow but the only common point is the DVR. if i pull the power to one of the cameras the other flickers as somehow its being affected by the other. any help would be great. Thanks -Joe
  6. WSS

    Looking to Setup Surveillance in Dive Bar

    AC is better for longer runs. Those nuvico cameras are great cameras. Yes they do have SIE chipset
  7. The system keeps locking up, will work fine for about a day then goes to a black screen and says boot initialization then boot initialization failed. I pull the power and it continues workin for about a day. It seems that if i want to update the firmware or put any kind of cd in, it wants me to format the HD. Is the HD removable so i can make a disk image? dedicated micros book tell you nothing and tech support is pretty lame. Thanks Joe
  8. nice, if the network crashes, you will still have your video. says under spec its res. is CIF?
  9. alot of people dont follow code for installing cameras because its low voltage and theres no inspections. as far as securing wires above a drop ceiling, you dont have to pop up lots of tile, put a zip tie here and there and it will keep the wire off the drop ceiling, you most likely have the pop up the tile to grab the rod or send the rod because they only go so far.
  10. yea, i want to loop the same image on all the monitors, might be closer to 300 ft, i shouldn't lose image by the last monior, loopin in and out of 10 or so monitors?
  11. I was going to use BNC the runs might be over 100 feet. is the concern the distance or multiple monitors or both
  12. can it be down and what do i need? power amplifier of some sort? I want a monitor on multiple floors and spaced pretty far apart, maybe 10 monitors in all.
  13. why does crt look so much clearer than a lcd. Can you use a computer monitor and will it look any better, or even a tv? these lcd monitor seem so expensive and the picture doesnt look that great.
  14. WSS


    I had an old flat panel monitor and it looked like crap so i switched it out for a crt which gave a great picture. I hooked the flat panel up as a spot monitor out of the dvr and it still looked ****ty. then i hooked it up to the out on the crt and the picture became alot better, anybody know why this happens? i would think a direct line from the dvr would look better, but running it through the crt first made it look better.
  15. Can someone explain the basic of an ip camera system, or suggest a thread or article. I do a lot of analog but never played with ip. I guess you run cat 5, but does that go back to a NVR or computer, do you need software, what about switchers and routers, bandwith, blah blah blah. I read alot but do not understand. Maybe a basic drawing? thanks