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    Geovision software and Android app HOW?

    you can try the free Android demo for TotalControlApp (google it). see if that works for you. could be some setup issue. select Geovision and channel 1 as model in app when testing. no http:// either just use ip or domain name. port goes in port field only. user/pass case sensitive.
  2. try webcamxp or blue iris. they are pretty cheap and should do basically what you are looking for.
  3. Twilo123

    unable to install phone software

    so basically microsoft wrote a new operating system which starts at WP7 and is not backwards compatible with older versions of Windows Mobile. The older versions of Windows Mobile go up to 6.5. Older versions program files are .CAB Newer versions are .XCAP 1. Did I make a big mistake by purchasing this phone (I kind of like it otherwise) *depends on what you need it for primarily. to each their own. my analogy for this phone against more popular ones like Iphone or Android. There is Coke and there is Pepsi. Everything else is pretty much a joke. Yes, there is RC Cola but most people drink Coke or Pepsi. Now can WP7 be Coke or Pepsi? Not right now but who knows down the road. 2. Is there a way to convert from cab to xcap file *no. it has to be rewritten and compiled for the new platform. 3. Does anyone know of another program that I could try to display my streaming video? *for WP7 phones they have their own app store. look on there for cctv apps. I would suspect there is at least 1. the issue you will run into though is which cctv hardware will be supported in the app. we do mobile cctv apps (not for WP7 but for older Winmo 6.5, iphone, blackberry, and android) and can tell you we specifically support certain hardware as shown for example in our Compatibility List (search TotalControlApp on google and go to Compatibility List link under Support). not all hardware supports the same video streaming method so it is not a given that an app on a phone, computer, etc. will automatically support all cctv hardware on the market. so if you did not get the cctv hardware yet check the cctv apps on the app store for your phone and look for their supported hardware list. then get cctv hardware that is on that supported list.
  4. Twilo123

    IPAD video converter

    avidemux - has presets for iphone/itouch. i think for ipad you will have to input your own settings.
  5. Twilo123

    DVR compatible with Droid X phone

    check out the link in the signature. look under Support, Compatibility List for which dvr are supported for Android.
  6. send remote access to the link in the signature and we will take a look at adding it if possible for our mobile apps.
  7. many isp block 80. trying using a 4 digit port like 4000, 8080, 8090, etc.
  8. Twilo123

    Averdigi i-phoneviewer app.

    for our app it saves the profiles. but again it is only for windows based avermedia hardware.
  9. this is a video encoder so you need to hook up an analog camera to it but the Pro.120 might be what you are looking for http://www.mybwa.com/en/produkte.html
  10. maybe these guys have what you are looking for? http://www.mybwa.com/en/produkte.html
  11. Twilo123

    Remote Viewing with Blackberry

    we have our own iphone and bb apps however we have only been successful using windows based units. we use the jpg they use in their /mobile html page however anyone who tries our app with any linux avermedia doesn't seem to work for them. so i am trying to figure out if the linux units use the same /mobile html jpg as the windows units or if they have something else. if it is something else then what is the jpg url. thats a good question.. hmmm do you have a server you can test out with an iPhone or BB? Also in the network setup section is there a checkbox for a handyviewer? what model dvr's do you have?
  12. blue iris or webcamxp would be around the same level of software.
  13. Twilo123

    Panasonic BB-HCM511A or Ycam

    the BL series from Panasonic are more in the Ycam range. other similar models may be axis M series some vivotek foscam trendnet zavio compro dlink linksys lorex airlink skyipcam level one (rebranded vivotek) bunch others.
  14. i've been in the Canal Street shop pictured below and they seem reputable although very busy. It can be a madhouse in there at certain times of day. The guys behind the counter are busy and tired if anything from what i have seen. constantly on the phone while dealing with customers at the same time. the front area is stacked with boxes so you can barely make your way to the counter. these guys definitely move a good amount of product.
  15. Twilo123

    CCTV STAR True H

    don't have any firsthand experience other than remote access online but i have seen these under various other names so mostly like an Eastern OEM/ODM.
  16. Twilo123

    Dahua DVR Remote Viewing

    dahua has their own forum type support on their webpage you can try also.
  17. Twilo123

    Remote Viewing with Blackberry

    does anyone know if this works on non windows based units. i.e. not NV series. we have integrated them into our mobile phone apps but it only seems to work on windows based units.
  18. Twilo123

    does avermedia work w.android phone

    it is supported in my signature link with a free demo to try. only windows based units from avermedia though like NV.
  19. Nuvico Apex or Apex Lite should work for your requirements. Not so cheap though. The others are from Asia as rory mentioned. China to be exact.
  20. Nuvico has a java client for firefox. they have a free demo to try online at http://nuvico.com. free demo link on bottom right of page. does live video. not sure about recording.
  21. Twilo123

    Dog Kennel Application

    unless you have some kind of turnkey solution you will most likely use a manual recording method for billing purposes. while all of the solutions offered resolve the video portion the billing portion is a totally different story. especially for an automated solution. the key here is to somehow give an account to each user and log + charge for the use. you can manually create accounts, sift through camera/dvr logs to see when they logged in (or probably even export the logs to something more readable) but also at the end of the day you will need to handle or have a proper billing system in place. again you can manually do the billing or figure out a way to export the logs into a billing system and charge from there to automate the whole thing. the video piece is the easy part as everyone here already explained.
  22. anyone have a demo working online? would like to test it out for compatibility purposes.
  23. obviously for clarity the closer to lossless the better off you are. any compression will introduce artifacts so for that card yes JPG is better right now. for bandwidth considerations h264 has the seat right now. unfortunately for mobile side there is limited support (you are lucky if you get baseline live streaming) processor power has matured at this point for computers. for mobiles they will catch up faster than pc since they benefit from the mature pc market. i guess my question is are containers like mpg4/h264 better than audio/video split separately like say mjpg and aac? also what streaming format should we really adopt? we have options like regular http streaming, rtsp streaming, rtpoverhttp, and apple's segmenter streaming method. stream session startups and teardowns are affected, scrubbing video options, etc depending on which method we use. then we have things like svc vs. avc for h264 streaming then there is a question on analytics. when will a 'google' type of company really index every possible metadata for analytics. there is so much to search on this metadata from video surveillance that it could give regular internet search a run for it's money.
  24. Twilo123

    Cameras From eBay

    i've started seeing many customers with foscam ip cameras and lol what they are calling knockoffs to foscam (chinese companies knocking off other chinese companies...who would have thought). they are cheap mjpg ip cameras. the original firmware was basically unusable and have since revised it to have some basic cross browser support. fps is slow but picture quality is on par with other cheapo cams these days. and of course they are cheap. that and i see dahua pushing into US markets via OEM for dvr. i am also constantly getting emails from chinese OEM companies for 4 channel dvr around $100 on 100 piece orders. of course they are garbage but regardless they are pushing it.
  25. Twilo123

    Accessing DVR from mobile phone

    you can try the free bb demo in the signature link and see if that works for you with your dvr.