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  1. anyone labelled dvr here http://totalcontrolapp.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=92&Itemid=91
  2. i have worked with them when integrating them into our mobile cctv apps. i have also met them in person at ISC West. I don't know any re sellers in the US though which is where I am located. The picture quality seemed fine for their ip cameras with decent fps over the internet. Last i spoke with them they were trying to expand into small 4-8 channel dvr market also.
  3. Twilo123

    Handy Viewer on Aver Nano

    the one at remote.aver.com is a nv5000 and is a windows based unit. i have had this conversation directly with avermedia before both through online support and at isc west and isc east and always the same answer. all of their products support mobile viewing on their mobile apps but only windows based units support the single jpg url that we use with /mobile. the linux devices use a different method. i have hounded them for years about this and nothing has changed. we develop mobile cctv apps so we inquire directly for a similar reason to the crestron person asking. and despite your saying otherwise it is the same issue popping up again and again. this has been talked about before. if you look at this link it is for nv series and they use the remote.aver.com as example for it. http://support.averusa.com/kb_cat.php?s=8d3de05fe0399fffca80e925c9853047&id=198&t=qanda
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    Handy Viewer on Aver Nano

    The box u quoted earlier is a different link and is a windows based box. I have no clue what actual hardware the link you gave here is so I can't confirm.
  5. Twilo123

    Handy Viewer on Aver Nano

    Because that is a windows based unit. It always has been and was the first we test /mobile on years ago. The user is asking about linux bases units... i dont see how the dvr is 3900 mile away from me adding mobile gives java shots. take away mobile gives webviewer. these are not my screen shots its aver usa demo site. http://remote.aver.com/mobile/channel3.html (press on camera number will refresh)
  6. i agree with Mike. sounds like the responder never tested with that hardware. he was just generally talking about the software and support for the software.
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    have only seen them at shows. their units are pretty large - at least the ones i have seen. they are german too i believe so European support (again people at the shows had accents so support be European also).
  8. Twilo123

    New Nuvico Dvr's

    only at shows. they are nice.
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    Is there a live demo of Aver software I can test?

    http://remote.aver.com i believe and for mobile use http://remote.aver.com/mobile/
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    Handy Viewer on Aver Nano

    thank you for confirming. i believe Tom is confused. he probably just took a screenshot of a windows based unit or took a screenshot of activex since IE doesn't support jpg from url like that and his screenshot shows IE.
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    Geovision software and Android app HOW?

    you never let me call you to walk you through it over the phone.
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    What are some really nice front-door cameras?

    http://www.mobotix.com/other/Products/T24-IP-Video-Door-Station/Simple-Installation http://www.mobotix.com/other/Products/Home-Automation/CamIO2 or if you want to get creative and have an extra android device laying around you could do something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8to1hJhmnPo&feature=channel_video_title and stream from the android camera to the client. for analog camera check these guys out http://www.aiphone.com/products/alpha-list/ they have an encoder to make the analog camera ip also if you want http://www.aiphone.com/products/alpha-list/detail/ipw1a
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    Low budget small town community-based CCTV system

    on the city side you will want a software/computer system like an nvr. you could look at milestone, zoneminder (open source and free), onssi, exacq, ipconfigure, genetec, etc. on the business/homeowner side you would need cctv hardware that your chosen nvr software supports. this could be ip cameras or analog cameras to dvr (the nvr software would get the video from dvr in that case). for bandwidth tweaking most ip cameras have extensive options you can tweak when pulling remote streams. for dvr they typically have less options to tweak on remote streams to 3rd party software. for onboard storage most mainstream decent ip cameras support sdcards and any dvr has local storage via hard drives. some product supports streaming storage option to record to nas. you could also use ftp snapshots based on timers, motion, analytics, etc. in response to this part: "it would be nice if the individual systems were expandable with more cameras and normal CCTV features, but not shared with the community network. In other words, a homeowner could buy a 4 camera system, and elect to give access to only one of those cameras to the city." from what i read initially this is not a 'community network' but each persons personal network. all they are doing is sharing a camera or two. in the case of ip cameras each is setup independently so you just give the ip/port and user/pass to the cameras you want them to access and they will only have access to those. for the case of dvr some have options for a particular user to only see certain cameras at certain day/time/schedule, etc. so it can be done that way also. they key to this whole thing is really the nvr. get a good nvr that supports a wide range of cctv hardware and then the business/homeowner can choose ones they are comfortable with (price, placement, type of camera ptz, IR, low light, indoor vs outdoor, etc.). the business/homeowner controls the cctv hardware on their property so they can add it to the 'community network' or remove it whenever they want. they can also add more cctv hardware which is not accessible to the 'community network' but is still fully accessible by themselves both locally and remotely. what you are asking for is pretty easy to do IMO. the issues that arise may be more legal/personal/process orientated more than technical. for instance if a business/homeowner goes over their bandwidth allotment for the month and get charged extra who is responsible for that charge since the data is being used for the camera and their personal use. if something happens on video that the business/homeowner shouldn't have been doing are they legally liable, etc.
  14. Twilo123

    What to use for Monitor's on this job

    wouldn't dpi and physical screen size play into this calculation also though?
  15. Twilo123

    I have an interesting request.

    maybe this? http://www.axis.com/products/cam_m7001/
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    here you go http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_compression_picture_types
  17. Twilo123

    networking an IP-Encoder for a PTZ

    try other browsers both IE and Firefox. what is the make/model of the dvr?
  18. Twilo123

    All room wifi

    maybe you are thinking of this? http://ubnt.com/unifi
  19. Twilo123

    Log in prob's

    anybody recommend a good ip-encoder that takes audio? axis.com it really depends on your needs for instance industrial: moxa outdoor: bwa direx-pro axis, bosch, stardot are more expensive ones but they use better hardware vivotek makes a decent one that is affordable also (not as cheap as aviosys below though) why are some 300-400 and others 100 is it some are good and some are **** typically hardware specs cheapest decent one i have run into is the aviosys 9100a (4 channel encoder and is only about $80 at amazon.com). the catch with this one though is that the regular web page video acts like a multiplexer and round robins the video showing on the page instead of showing individual channels in different areas on the screen. if you want regular way of viewing you need to change firmware to free yoics firmware for 9100a as shown here http://www.yoics.com/2008/06/aviosys-9100/
  20. Twilo123

    Over the internet Transmition problem

    it will depend on what ip your 3g router is getting on the wlan side. if you are getting a public ip address then there is some hope for a workaround. if you are getting a private ip (10., 192., or 172.) for the Wlan (or what you would think is the public ip on the 3g router) then you are SOL as far as i can tell. this method is called double nat and is a huge problem for getting to something remotely behind the 3g router. in the US most 3g routers get a regular public ip address but on 4g now i have been noticing they are doing this 2nd method where the Wlan ip is a 10. number and the private wifi hotspot lan is a 192. network. that is where the 'double' part of nat comes in. in those cases you are SOL for remote access to the 3g router. in fact it is causing a lot of headaches for VPN client setup also. in these cases though the ISP is giving an option to pay for a public ip address (in this case at $500 one time fee which is ridiculous). so you should check to see what kind of ip your 3g router is getting on the wlan first IMO and then figure out if you can do anything or not.
  21. Twilo123

    Qvis apollo question

    a bit off topic rory but i saw this note on one of the spec sheets Note: 32 channel video inputs, 16 channel audio inputs and 1 channel matrix output. The 1st, 9th, 17th and 25th video channels can support max D1(4CIF) realtime recording and other channels can support CIF realtime recording. It can support VGA, HDMI, eSATA, USB2.0 and 8 HDDs do you know why it is 1,9,17, & 25 channels that support D1? does each of those channels start a new hardware array or something? i've never seen a dvr advertised like that before.
  22. Twilo123

    Avermedia Apps

    hmmm...any reason why they released a totally different app for this new version? why not just update the existing version? it sounds like they totally revamped their method to grab video on newer dvr models to make them more mobile efficient otherwise i don't see why they would this something like this. unless they really just outsource the mobile apps and they never got the source code from the first company or changed outsource mobile dev company and new one didn't want to pick up where the old one left off. i can't really see any other reason to make 2 different apps like that. we do mobile apps and when we added multichannel view it was still the same app. just a newer version. strange that they did that (make 2 different apps). what's the new app called? i'm curious to see what they are doing in the new one.
  23. Twilo123

    Handy Viewer on Aver Nano

    this may confuse things even more but we added support for avermedia in our mobile apps based on the handy viewer or aka /mobile jpg snapshots a couple of years ago and from what i remember only windows based avermedia support that url. i have never been able to get that url to work on linux based avermedia and this is what support chat told me also when i was adding support for them for some customers. that being said i could have sworn i saw that they had implemented some changes in firmware in the last 6 months or so to make all of their dvr support /mobile but i don't know for sure as i haven't had anyone come to me very recently asking about linux based avermedia dvr in our mobile apps. so if yours is not windows based then /mobile probably doesn't work (which you can test easy enough by going to the /mobile url in a pc browser like firefox, chrome, etc.
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    PM me and i will test it with a different itouch mobile app that supports this model and see what i come up with.
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    why can't you use external ip when at home? i don't get that. as long as dns is setup properly it should go out and come back in basically (or even use arp cache or router may forward locally right away based on cache route tables). is there some reason you can't use external ip at home? I'm curious what your reasoning would be for this. yes i definitely am.............the actiontec guy told me THAT was my ex ip, i specifically asked him...starts with 173.....my local starts with 192.....unless he doesnt know what he is talking about, hope not when at home. you cant use your external ip. also your card may not be supported as it is 7 years old. can you log on external with the new aver remote viewer ??