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    software viewer for mutli platform dvrs

    you could try some commercial level nvr like onssi, milestone, etc. you really have to research this one deep though depending on how many different manufacturers you are using, which models, etc.
  2. i've seen Nuvico post POS info on screens. i believe one of the demo dvr on their website http://nuvico.com who the overlay.
  3. Twilo123

    Luxriot Pros/Cons?

    does anyone know if they have a generic cgi api? nothing activex based. just straight cgi
  4. 2nd security spy. we just integrated it into our mobile phone apps. the mjpg fps is decent. i haven't really found any major nvr for mac yet though.
  5. Twilo123

    software viewer for mutli platform dvrs

    your best bet is to contact each manufacturer and see what they say. many have some sdk available (i know DM does for instance) so it is possible. i don't recall any for icrealtime though.
  6. Twilo123

    DVR and VoIP

    another small thing to note is that 2way audio is not necessarly the same as voip or a traditional sip client. 2way can function more like a walkie talkie with half duplex conversation whereas a full sip client can have live full duplex conversations like for video conferencing for instance. also there are many more control options on a sip client than just 2way audio. finally the codecs being used as well as the settings on those codecs (nevermind the hardware side) can really play into whether the audio is worth it on a unit or just marketing bs. for instance many dvr 2way codecs are simply .wav audio and they don't implement time stamps properly for conversations so the actual audio is out of whack, skips a lot, etc. this is an interesting topic and i would love to hear actual experiences on it with specific hardware setups if anyone has direct experience. i know it is against the law in many states at least in the US but i am interested discussing this topic as i believe it should be fully supported (IMO as a sip client not just 2way audio).
  7. Twilo123

    The best DVR

    what phone type? many claim 3gp mobile phone viewing but many phones do not support it or don't support the method the use.
  8. you can improve it by telling avermedia to increase the size of the images using the mobile viewer which just uses the /mobile images. the size of these are 170x instead of 320x which is what it should be for an iphone. most companies allow you choose different picture sizes but this is not the case with them; and so when you stretch the picture you will lose detail. especially if you are not trying to clean up the artifacts after stretching.
  9. Twilo123

    Netpromax DVR

    i am interested in any api you have for your dvr line. please PM me the info if possible. thanks.
  10. all the information is on the website in my signature. if you have any questions feel free to contact directly via the website.
  11. Twilo123


    different companies implement ddns differently. some are proprietary solutions since they make the hardware already. in these cases they usually are not the typical ddns. something more like a combination of uPnP, Zero Config, etc. which are typically mapping mac addresses with ip. hopefully they support some kind of heartbeat or auto update ip address procedure but who knows how often it updates. dyndns is usually a good way to go though.
  12. Nuvico Apex or Apex Lite line with our mobile phone software Total Control will cover iphone, bb, android, and winmo phones along with pc. not sure on the mac support though. i have to double check with Nuvico. their 4 ch. is probably half the price of the exacq with 1TB storage.
  13. Twilo123

    Mobile View Program

    what is mobile view?
  14. you can try /live/mpeg4/ch0 /live/mpeg4/ch1 otherwise you have to change the channel on the dvr to show it as that regular url stream.
  15. Twilo123

    Desktop for EMS system !! Need advise ..

    whose vms are you using? typically a dvr manufacturer will have it's own with specific requirements...
  16. Twilo123

    Cisco Certs

    many years ago i did the ccna, ccda, ccnp, ccdp in 3 months. i bought a couple of 2501, 4000 series switch, and a 2509 for remote terminal access. at the time BnN still had a 30 day return policy on books so i used them like a library. between those and a routersim it was pretty easy. of course things have changed. the newer tests require much more in-depth knowledge. in fact the routersims today are much more complicated than when i was doing it (just used for basic commands back in the day not full interoperable networks like now). in the end the ccna is the way to go. i still have the equipment i believe if you want some cheap ones. i am sure the o/s would need some serious updates though. routersims are a good start though without having to get the hardware. eventually though you will want some real world experience with real routers/switches. also i don't know if this applies to low end cisco products but most enterprise stuff is done via ciscoworks these days which is all GUI based anyways.
  17. they have a new api coming out for their ip cams. i am using a beta right now which will probably be released before the end of the year. it is more standard so it should fit into regular nvr software easily.
  18. not exactly professional level but since you said free or cheap check out webcamxp. they have a free singlecam version to try out.
  19. since it is only 1 or 2 of the cameras maybe the cameras are defective?
  20. Twilo123

    Restreaming IP cameras

    2nd the vlc player however for avermedia it may depend on the unit model you are trying to re-stream. i would think there are some websites that would support the vivotek streams though.
  21. we did a video demo of foscam here: http://www.youtube.com/totalcontrolapp#p/u/13/76A8EFa1uTk just be careful what you are getting because this line is a series of clones and they all have different firmware. i have seen plenty of people brick their cams doing a firmware update only to find that the cam is really a clone and not the one they thought it was. for instance foscam and goscam are the same with different firmware on some models. they tend to lock up a lot from people who come to me with them.
  22. mobotix gave me a q22 to use in development. i can put it online for a day if you want to see how it is. just PM me.
  23. we did a couple video reviews of them here: http://www.youtube.com/totalcontrolapp i have seen them lock up at times remotely and i can't get into them for a day. usually when i pull the mpg4 stream if it happens. other than that the picture quality is very good and they are a good bang for the buck IMO. IMO stay away from linksys and dlink other ip cams in this range might be axis m series 1011, 1031, etc. axis 207 panasonic bl series lorex trendnet airlink skyipcam aviosys 9070