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    Stardot images

    the clock one looks like from their demo cams online from their website. i met the owner at ISC West a couple of months ago. Very nice guy. Most of what they sell are large commercial projects and through partner software solutions such as the one mentioned in this thread. We added them to our app some time ago and support the cams and encoders.
  2. i think you're in the wrong thread. this is the iphone's main competitor...we also support any dvr in our mobile phone apps via a video encoder and we are not stuck to wifi only like slingplayer.
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    IP camera Software

    unless you plan on selling prefab boxes good luck. even then support is the critical issue here as like you have mentioned this is a publicly available software that anyone can slap together. it's just that not anyone can slap it together and even then supporting it can be a nightmare. the windows version is horrible IMO and not even close to ready for prime time. the linux is the heart of the development for zoneminder and as i mentioned above it is very difficult to pull it all together. half of the software is scripts. you would need to really develop a good GUI front end to run all the scripts on the backend if you want this to work right. i definitely wish you the best. zoneminder is a solid product that's been around for awhile but it's not for the faint of heart. and let's face it most cctv people are not heavy IT personnel especially when it comes to linux. even the linux people on the boards over there have tons of issues. that's why the board there is so active. it mostly people having trouble with the distro. not that zoneminder is not solid but it just goes to show how difficult it is to setup, run, support, etc. in my opinion you are better off developing a really solid front end/GUI and reselling that piece. if you want to add support as a re-occurring revenue model that great and all but if you do the front end right and charge for that you shouldn't need too many support calls. people will get tired of calling all the time for support if it is too complicated.
  4. if this is true can you PM me the api... Dear chromeladyracing, Most HTC devices are Windows Mobile system, while some are Android. NUUO Main Console 3.2 supports WM6. From 3.2 on, NUUO offers client programs which can run on PDAs and Smartphones. Would you mind telling us your mobile model and OS? So, we can give you the right viewer application. Sincerely Yours, Yung-chung Lin NUUO Tech Support
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    pin hole camera battery doesn't last long

    no but i ran by it in person at ESX in Baltimore this year. walked right past it and never noticed it until they pointed it out to me on the monitor. nice little setup. picture quality was decent with indoor lighting.
  6. from a mobile phone perspective i tried getting a compatible api from NUUO for our mobile phone apps and they responded that they did not have it. i am still waiting on QNAP's response though.
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    pin hole camera battery doesn't last long

    if you don't mind using ip then check this pinhole set out http://www.axis.com/products/cam_m7001/index.htm
  8. i think i mentioned he would need a POE switch already...the power is not that hard to tap into on any car stripped down or not. the setup i recommended could easily be used in either way although POE would be easier and is DEFINITELY feasible for this situation.
  9. maybe thegreenbutton.com can help with this.
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    Indigo Vision

    kind of taking it off topic but we are working with Acti now to integrate their cameras into our app and it has been a serious challenge of one thing after another. they lent us an ACM8511 which we are working with and have even put out a mjpg firmware for what we are doing but their api is a mess compared to what we have worked with on other manufacturers. very difficult to integrate them for jpg/mjpg streams + ptz controls. on the + side they have a great support side. very responsive and helpful in trying to work with us. they were kind enough to lend us the cam to test and always respond fast to any emails we send them. the api is just not very straight forward for what we are doing especially when comparing against other companies we have integrated. i have been able to integrate other cameras in 5 minutes and we are still working on it about a month later with them. also i cannot get specific video parameters for a single remote stream session. i have to change the whole camera setup instead of calling variables on the fly. this is a big issue typically because we need 320x240 as best for our mobile phone apps whereas on a pc you will typically want much larger sizes. so if i change the size to 320x240 then the pc user will see that size also. on other cameras we have integrated you can call a resolution size just for the remote stream which doesn't change the overall camera setup. i have seen this issue on a couple of other cameras and i don't understand what the difference is on cameras that support this and ones that don't. i mean it's not that they are dual codec or anything. if anyone knows why this is i would love to learn about it.
  11. i think i just said the same thing. again you can google it for detailed info on the process. regardless when dealing with video surveillance and referencing mpg4/h264 they are typically referencing the 'container' not just the h264 video codec itself. this again is why i said to check directly with the manufacturer is this is not clear enough for you...
  12. i see. maybe it is limited to 320x240. it is an entry level nvr software. i will ask him myself and see what he says.
  13. those codecs incorporate the audio codecs you describe into 1 container whereas jpg/mjpg does not. you can just google them to get how they do it indepth if you need more detailed info on how the process is done.
  14. do you have a cgi api for your products? or any urls to the video codecs jpg/mjpg/mpg4/h264 etc. i am possibly interested in integrating into our mobile phone apps.
  15. did you check with webcamxp support. they are usually pretty responsive.
  16. i see. in that case contact the manufacturer for video samples with audio. i am sure that the full recorded video supports audio if they are supporting mpg4/h264 codecs. it is built into the codec itself so the software recording it doesn't have to even worry about that part. if they are supporting only jpg/mjpg then it could or could not support audio as audio is typically sent in a separate stream like a wav stream for instance.
  17. the mobotix is a good choice for the height/outdoor requirements but it is not real ptz. it is a hemispheric camera which uses software processing for a 'virtual' ptz. it is not an actual moving part just a focus in on a section of picture and blowing it back up to full screen to simulate ptz. depending on your exact requirements this may or may not be the solution for you. i have a q22 if you want to see what i mean. PM me if interested.
  18. if you are trying to use browsers to view the software then it may not support audio that way. they probably have thick clients/activex, etc. for getting audio with video. just using firefox may only provide jpg/mjpg streams which inherently don't support audio. on the thick clients/activex it may be rtsp mpg4/h264 streaming so it will provide audio. you will need some rtsp streaming software for audio typically such as quicktime, vlc, real player, etc.
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    if you know the jpg snapshot url i can add it to our blackberry app and test. otherwise you can add a supported pc software like activewebcam or webcamxp if they support your card and get the video on our bb apps that way.
  20. i am asking them now for their sdk to see if it is compatible with what we are doing for mobile phone apps. it will only be jpg/mjpg on winmo phones right now though.
  21. not sure about the cheap part but one option might be ip cameras (if you are mounting on outside of car you will need housings) wired/wireless hook up to a local switch/router by wire or wifi in car get some cheap nvr software (activewebcam, webcamxp, blue iris, etc.) and record on your laptop if you get wired cams you can probably get POE with the right router/switch and not have to run seperate power cords for each cam. power/video will just come from cat5 cable. if you go wireless then you don't have to worry about cat5 cabling but still have to power the cams so there will be wiring needs regardless.
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    Hello everybody

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