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    double image - hikvision coax- pic attached

    When you changed the power adapter it may have allowed the camera to default to a different setting as tomcctv said check if the camera and DVR are set to PAL/NTSC (they should both be set the same)
  2. Blake CCTV

    double image - hikvision coax- pic attached

    Sorry just read your post again and seen Coax in the title. Check the termination switch/setting on the DVR if there is one! Using a voltmeter set to Ohms go to the camera and check the resistance of the coax cable as it goes back to the DVR, it should read 75 ohms plus the resistance of the cable so probably about 80 - 100 ohms depending on the cable length/quality. If you are reading in the M ohms range then the cable is un-terminated, or has possibly been damaged, next go to the DVR and remove the camera signal lead and measure the resistance of the video input this should be 75 ohms.
  3. Blake CCTV

    double image - hikvision coax- pic attached

    This looks like reflection, normally caused when a signal cable isn't correctly terminated either due to a loose connection, a cheap Balun or if the termination resistor has been un-selected. If you are using cat5 are you using just one single pair for the video signal if not you should be. I think you are right about the power as the camera is clearly on and has no issues there. What type of cable are you using cat5 or coax?
  4. We always use the DNS updater in the router now they always seem to work and you can swop out nvrs etc without having to enter the dns account details every time you do. We pay for a DYNDNS account because it is well worth the money and we don't want our systems going through servers of the cctv manufacturer
  5. I used to have free dyndns account but now pay as it is only about £15 a year and is well worth the money as you can do so much more with a full account
  6. Good to see that you got it working, i was interested in this post as i wanted to know if the Hikvision stuff will work with DYNDNS as a lot of DVR's say that they have an updater and they don't actually work and when you ask the supplier they just say "yeah it should work"!. So by solving your problem you have answered my question thanks.
  7. It looks like an Adata DVR
  8. Blake CCTV

    Baxall ZTX transmitter

    BBV equipment always used to be able to control Baxall equipment www.bbvcctv.com
  9. Blake CCTV

    Need Help Simple System

    Why not use body cameras in an camera housing with a heater, i would use IP cameras for a new install over analogue
  10. It was a usb to serial lead that I used
  11. If you have a supply voltage issue at the camera end then using the shotgun cable will give better results as the 2 core for the power will have a much bigger cross sectional area (the cable is thicker than cat 5) so there will be less volt drop meaning that the camera will have the correct amount of voltage to work. If you have a voltmeter then check the supply voltage at the camera end, it may be fine at the PSU but a lot less once it has travelled down the cable to your camera. Another option if possible is the move the power supplies to the camera location.
  12. This could be a couple of things, some cheap Baluns do give interference but this shouldn't affect the other pictures, it may be some sort of ground loop issue; although Baluns claim to give ground loop isolation it still occurs. I would personally check the power supply voltage at the camera locations, there can be quite a volt drop on cat 5 especially if you are using 12Vdc I prefer to use 24VAC when I can. When you disconnect one camera there will be more voltage for the other cameras and the camera with the longest cable run will put the biggest strain on the supply.
  13. you can do this but you will need a converter at both ends i used to work on a system that converted the video up to 15khz FM to transmit over some really long cable runs. This is the company that we bought them from. http://www.swires.com/index.html
  14. Can you install vitamin d on a raspberry pi
  15. I would like to know if anyone has used a full version of blue iris software and used it for a good length of time. All comments welcome good or bad. Thanks
  16. Blake CCTV

    Remember When?

    I remember using a mains powered 9" crt test monitor to adjust the focus on a tubed camera at the top of a 6m tower and using my oscilloscope most days. I also remember seeing the first baxall ccd camera that was really poor resolution about 300tvl
  17. Blake CCTV

    can't find solution

    Could it be an intermittent connection on the cameras slip ring connection does it happen in a particular spot and does it happen when you pan it and tilt it or just pan or tilt
  18. Blake CCTV

    view dvr outside network

    Aswell as opening port 80 you need to port forward this to the dvr. When your router gets incoming traffic on a port that is open it will let it through but if you don't tell it where to go it won't have a clue. Port 80 is the default port for internet traffic and would've been open on your router anyway. You need to tell you router to send any incoming traffic to the ip address of your DVR.
  19. Are the first monitors unterminated if you have a double termination it will almost half your signal.
  20. In the old days of vcrs and switchers sometimes the the equipment had no time and date and you could buy a separate time and date injector that you fitted inline with the camera, Google for one of these.
  21. I think we have some ljd software disks at work I will have a look next time I am in the office
  22. Does anyone know the installer logon details for this software and who supports it I need to add a video encoder and want to know if I need a specific type.
  23. Blake CCTV

    Raspberry Pi

    Has anyone used a RPi as a DVR
  24. Blake CCTV

    How much would it cost me to go IP from Analog?

    Why not put a camera inside focused on the entrance to give facial recognition, if the angle is right you can do this with analogue