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  1. Hi All, Uniview NVR and iPhone 7 Trying to set up Push Notification to alert my phone when motion is detected on one of my cameras. I am having trouble getting the Push Notification to alert my iPhone when it receives an alert. I have the settings on the NVR set up the way the Uniview tech told me to. I have the I phone settings setup to allow notifications for the EZ View app on my phone. I have the EZ View app setup to allow notifications when camera number 5 detects motion. When motion is detected on camera number 5 I do get an alert message on the EZ View I phone app but it does not buzz or show up on my screen. The only way that I know that camera number 5 detected motion is to go into my EZ View app and look myself. It shows the movement on camera number 5. I can replay the detected video file. The uniview tech is not sure why this is not working. I stopped in his shop last week and we put all of my information into his I phone and it did the same thing. No alert that there was motion detection. Has anyone had this problem with Push Notification using Uniview NVR and EZ View app? Thanks
  2. smokingjoe

    New QSEE cameras not working with old dvr

    I thank you for the reply and the information. I will order two of the CVBS/960h cameras. It sounds like this will get us going again. Thanks and have a good day.
  3. Hi all I need help with a Qsee System. I do not have a lot of experience with analog systems. QT4760 16 channel DVR. This DVR is about 5yrs old. I am trying to add two new cameras. QCA8045B. When I connect the cameras to the DVR they do not show up. I am thinking that it may be a compatibility problem but not sure. What do I need to be looking for when I am buying cameras that will work with this DVR? Thanks Back again After doing a little searching it seems like QSEE had different series cameras. I am seeing QT, QTH and QC. The cameras that we bought are QC. I am guessing that since the dvr is a QT4760 that maybe I need cameras that start with QT. Is this the only thing that I need to be looking for?
  4. Hi All I am planning on installing a security camera system located in a rural area in Indiana. They have a Hot Spot network connection from Verizon with a 11Mbps upload speed. They want to have remote access with Iphone. The Hot Spot device is on their desk and is connected wireless to their PC. Is there a way to add a router to this setup so port forwarding could be set up? Or is there a better way to get this done. Thanks
  5. smokingjoe

    VGA vs HDMI

    Hi all Using Uniview equipment. 8 channel recorder but only connecting four 4MP cameras, recording at 4MP each. The recorder has a VGA and HDMI output and I would like to use the HDMI output for spot monitor. Not sure how high the VGA cable is good for. I am thinking that it would not make any difference which output I use since I am using a 1080P monitor. Also does anyone know of a video storage calculator app that works well? Another thought> If I use the HDMI output on the NVR for spot monitoring would it be best to use a VGA to HDMI converter so that I can also connect the local monitor using a HDMI cable?
  6. I thank you for your input, I will definitely take your suggestions under consideration. Thanks
  7. Hi all Installed a four channel NVR with two IP cameras connected, using uniview equipment with POE. One run of the cat5 network cable was 460 feet. It seems to be working great. They say I could go 800 feet or more. Has anyone tried to go 800ft. with the extended transmission option of uniview?
  8. Hi all I am looking into a project where I have a Uniview camera set at a construction site and only use a 128GB SD micro card for storage. Tools and materials are coming up missing. It will not be connected to any network or NVR. Would anyone know if this should work and if so what would it take to get it to work. I have been playing around with one in my office and am not having any luck getting the camera to record to the SD micro card. I am asking about the Uniview cameras because it is what I am most familiar with. If this will not work does anyone know of a camera that would work will for this application? The camera will be outside.
  9. smokingjoe

    Looking for heated DVR box

    Thanks for the reply. I will buy one of these enclosures and give it a try.
  10. smokingjoe

    Looking for heated DVR box

    Sounds good. I will look around to see what I can find. Thanks for the info.
  11. Hi all I am looking for a DVR lock box that is heated. Would be going in a warehouse that is not heated. I live in Indiana and temperature sometimes get down to around 0 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Have looked around but am not having much luck. Thanks
  12. smokingjoe

    Netgear router port optoins

    Thanks jazzar, I will give it a shot.
  13. smokingjoe

    Netgear router port optoins

    I still not figured out what I need to do get ports 81 and up to open. Anyone have any ideas?
  14. smokingjoe

    Uniview Spot Monitor Setup

    I contacted tech support today and figured it out. Menu, System, Preview, Video Out, Select HDMI or VGA. My spot monitor is connected to the VGA output. Hope this helps someone else.
  15. Hi All Does anyone know where to find the Spot Monitoring setup options on the Uniview NVRs? Using an ISX3216-16p NVR. Can not find it in the manual. Thanks