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  1. camelwalk

    Avermedia NV6480 exp Frame rate

    No problem. I would not recommend onboard video for any card that has the real-time DSP overlay. For the lower-end cards it's fine, we build cheap machines with a 945GC board for those. But to save $30 it's not worth it, just get a cheap 128MB PCI-E card and you'll be all set. We use a Gigabyte X1050.
  2. camelwalk

    Avermedia NV6480 exp Frame rate

    I don't know about the web client offhand, but you do get 32 channels on the local machine. The spot output is 16 max but it can switch back and forth to show all 32. We use Gigabyte motherboards for all of our systems, either a 945P or P35. Don't even try it with onboard video. This is a HIGH END system, don't try to cut any corners. For best results, I recommend you just let us build it for you
  3. camelwalk

    Avermedia NV6480 exp Frame rate

    You don't really need the quadcore, the E6600 seems to work well. It's tough to tell whether or not you're truly getting 30FPS though... but it does look good!
  4. camelwalk

    Avermedia NV6480 exp Frame rate

    I still prefer the Geovision for most situations, but there are two gaps in their line that Aver fills. One is the 32-channel machine, and the other is their little 4-channel embedded unit that is CHEAP and works with the same free CMS software they give you (basically just a fancier remote client.) Check this thing out, for 4-channel jobs it's hugely popular for residential and mom and pop retail situations: http://www.digitalwatchguard.com/securitycameras/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=192&idproduct=4645 Back to the 6480, the software is exactly the same for the NV3000, 5000, and the 6420 and 6480. This card is comparable to the 1480, except that the framerate is variable and will give you more frames than the Geovision if you use quality hardware. It's not as tight as the Geovision GV-2008, but that's not a directly comparable card anyway. Video quality, which has never been Geovision's strong suit, is about the same on the Aver. I don't have any clips handy but I'll see if I can get something for you.
  5. camelwalk

    Avermedia NV6480 exp Frame rate

    Geovision has many more features, but many of them are never used by the vast majority of customers anyway. In terms of basic functionality, they're pretty similar. Geovision has superior PTZ support and far better POS integration. But for a standard installation they're comparable. In terms of CPU for the EXP6480, you don't need anything crazy to do 'regular' framerates like a GV-1480, i.e. 480FPS at CIF, 120FPS at D1. The high-end CPU is required only if you want to go for full framerate at D1. For that I'd just use the cheapest quad-core and make sure you load that sucker up with 2GB+ of RAM. For disk space, you're going to need a LOT if you try full framerate. 32-channels 960FPS at D1 with normal usage will probably burn through 1-2TB per week.
  6. camelwalk

    Avermedia NV6480 exp Frame rate

    We've built a ton of 32-channel boxes with the 6480 and it's a great product. We mostly sell Geovision, but for 32 channels this is the best solution we've found. You CAN get full framerate at full resolution, but it requires a top-of-the-line CPU.
  7. camelwalk

    Why am I seeing Rainbows?

    Are there stripes in those areas? If so this is a consequence of color composite video. It's known as "cross color." I imagine that it's magnified by the cheap camera, but even a top quality camera will show rainbow artifacts wherever there are tight bands of stripes (picket fence, etc.) There's not a lot you can do about it.
  8. Aside from #7, which looks like the lens cover needs a cleaning, those images look fine to me. It looks like you're recording at 320x240 though - setting the Video Source and your recording resolution to 640x480 would improve your image quality, although it'd cut your framerate by a factor of four.
  9. You'll also want to set the Port Limit to 6 under the activate button so that the next time the software loads those channels stay disabled.
  10. I never heard of Nubex, but it just may be that the DVR has poor image quality. That Pelco should look good at least, and those bullets are decent. Try hooking them straight into a TV and see if they look significantly better.
  11. camelwalk

    about geovision countdown

    There is no permissions-based way to do it, but if you just want to disable the feature all together (if you are recording, you probably don't need it anyway) just remove this line from your LanMpegView0.htm file: <TD> <a href="javascript:SnapShot()"><IMG SRC="images/singel_22.jpg" width="40" height="40" ALT="NoSnapShot" name="Image5" border="0"></a></TD> and replace it with this: <TD><IMG SRC="images/singel_22.jpg" width=40 height=40 name="Image5" border="0"></TD> This will leave the button, but it won't be clickable.
  12. camelwalk

    Geovision 1240 DSP Not Working Properly

    I wasn't aware Geovision would even run on 64-bit Windows.
  13. camelwalk

    New Geovision 7.1 Features and Hardware

    Heh, I wouldn't go so far as to call it vaporware - they said to expect it Q4, and we're at the halfway mark. The software looked good at ISC East, but I'm most excited about the POS data capture Ethernet.
  14. camelwalk

    Geovision new products already for sale

    Well we're ready to go with the 1240's and 1480's - Geovision has given us the 7.0.2 beta software for shipping immediately, and the final version will be released on Monday. The beta does not support NVIDIA graphics, but the full version due Monday will. We switched to Radeon 9600's anyway so it doesn't affect our PC based systems.
  15. camelwalk

    Geovision new products already for sale

    On the right hardware, Geovision is a very stable and feature-rich software solution. What software and hardware would you recommend as superior? That's exactly the function of the DSP - it gives you the raw video looped out to an external CCTV monitor. This is before the software encodes it, so it's far higher-quality video in real time, regardless of the FPS of the card itself. So