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  1. My dad wants to hook up a video camera to watch our driveway. How can I share the video signal to only 2 rooms? The house is currently wired for RF cable, is there a way to tap into the cable and give the camera like channel 3 with some kind of topbox? Or...the camera video is ran by RCA composite cable, can I split the video feed with a Y splitter and run two lines into each room. If so what is the most affordable route for that? I've been searching but dont know the correct terms to search for, so I end up with nothing.
  2. joshoowa

    eclipse dome camera what kind of video out?

    i have a few 12v 400ma adapters will these work with these cameras if the specs of the camera say it needs a 12v 120ma? or am i over powering it...
  3. im trying to find out what type of video output these cameras are? ecl-3x ecl-557hd ecl-557d also, can someone please tell me that when purchasing these new from the warehouse do they come with power adapters? thanks.... edit: when i say video output i mean like is it bnc, rca, ethernet, etc.
  4. im not sure whats wrong with it but when i tried to connect to the host i cant login...it says wrong password. i've gone into the host and created different accounts and still no luck. also what ports do i need to be forwarded through the router to make it work? before yesterday i had port 80,5550,4550 forwarded and it worked jsut fine. now it doesnt work.
  5. im looking for 3 cams for indoor use only, the location is pretty dark. the location is about 2000sq/ft with 3 isle about 25ft in length that each camera needs to look down. so my qeustion is could i use something like the cvc-627 http://www.specotech.com/cart/products/productDetails.asp?prodID=641 heres a vid clip i found on the net aswell.. http://p4.hostingprod.com/@123securityproducts.com/video/CVC-627_1.mov
  6. i was wondering has anyone used a mac instead of a pc for their setup? im wanting to setup 4 cameras with 120fps/30fps each. what kind of hardware specs should i need or pick up? im also considering using securityspy.com software on my mac. any comments are appreciated, -josh
  7. im pretty sure that this topic has been discussed and maybe all you guys are wholesalers, but i have yet to find a place that is a legit dealer for geovision dvr cards. i would like to purchase the dvr card as a user-end, but if this helps i do have a company tax id that can be used to purchase wholesale. besides using the X word (x10) i would hate to use the E word (ebay) as my means of locating a geovision card. also from what everyone has said E isnt the way to find stuff bc it can be a fake. please can someone help me locate a dealer...
  8. joshoowa


    haha... maybe i should call them all the time then... i was asking about location because maybe when i called it was already closed for the day
  9. joshoowa


    i just tried calling the number no luck...where is this company located?? i've been trying to find eclipse cameras with no luck... whats up with that?
  10. well i read that the newer cards can ready at higher resoultion...720 x 480 while the one i want runs at 640x480
  11. well its been awhile since ive been back to [EDITED]...last time i decided to do my surveillance setup everything didnt work out ($$$)... all the geo cards u listed run at 480fps + im only running at most maybe 4-5 but more likely 3-4 cams. also i guess im not ready to spend ample amounts of money on a dvr card... and what i know from science the human eye can not tell the difference from any fps above 30. so the gv800 being at 120fps / 4 cams = 30fps per cam isnt really that bad imo. plus u setup up to center the cam that picks up motion and your pretty much good to go. then again i dont know how much more efficient the gv1120 and newer cards are. maybe the use a new method of compression??? i'll probally have to search around and see whats up.
  12. i bought the dell used just picked it up last week... im going to reformat the HD with a clean install of winxp sp2
  13. well i had my mind set on a geovision gv-800 dvr card... i can always move over the geoforce vid card to the dell..
  14. i have two computers and one will be used for the dvr rig. custom PC with asus a7n8x-deluxe mobo amd athlon xp2400 2.0ghz 512mb corsair pc2700 geforce fx5700 ultra 128mb or dell desktop 3.0ghz P4 w/ HT 1gb of ram on board video mem. i left alot of other components out because these parts are interchangable...so with these specs in mind which would u keep to surf web play games, and conversely which one would u use to setup a dvr rig. another quick question.. i have 3 harddrives (2) 80gb (1) 160gb which HD(s) would be good to run a dvr rig? im expecting maybe atleast 1wk without erasing and probally 10hrs a day recording non-stop, with motion record on the other 14hrs. also running 3-4 cameras