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  1. ChristianKohler

    Image quality problem with NV5000 and Nuvico camera

    Motherboard is an Intel DP35DPM Graphics card is a Gigabyte GV-RX24T256H 2400XT I tried to stay as close to the hardware specs as possible when I ordered my parts. Thanks, Christian
  2. Hi, I have an odd image problem with my NV5000 and a Nuvico CB-SD21N-L camera. Most of the time the image looks like it is shifted between the interlaced frames. Every other line or few lines are shifted over. But sometimes the image looks fine. I would post pictures, but the Attachment option doesn't seem to be working, and since I'm new I cannot post links. Right now when I quit the program, and restart it, the image looks fine, but when I click the 'Snapshot' button, the image changes to the shifted image, on screen and in the captured file. Sometimes just changing around the resolution of the camera will fix the problem for a while The camera runs at 640*480 through a balun. I have another camera at 352*240 it does not seem to have this problem. Is it a problem to have cameras with differing resolutions on one card? Thanks, Christian