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my costumer have a shop, he wants 4x 3MP IPCAM, they sould connect wireless too an router and in this router he would connect his laptop to record, look etc.







---> WIRELESS --->


Wlan Router ?




Laptop (Geovision Main System, IP-Dongle)


Can anyone give me good products like wlanrouter, wireless converter for the IPCAMS ?


How much is the traffic from one 3MP IPCAM ?


Thanks a lot



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Why do you want to run wireless?


For a Arecont 3100 at 10 FPS, Medium Compression, Medium Scene Activity your talking 19 Mbps per camera. And if you want to record 4 of those cameras for 30 days you'll need at least 12 TB of storage.


Unless you do a commercial grade wireless setup it's not going to be efficent.


And you don't need "wireless converters" they're all ready ethernet. Just plug 'em into a access point.


Anyways, a commercial wireless setup is going to run you around $2,000, so it may be cheaper to just run the wires.


The clients laptop can always be wireless if he's using it as a client.


Good Luck.

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Hi securitysys,


thanks for fast answer, yes i know its very hard but there is only one way to setup cameras, --> wireless ipcams :/


I dont realy know which equipment i should use. one access point per camera and on master wlan router in this connects the cameras ? I dont know.


The costumer wants to hang up there for 1day then he take his cameras, laptop ... and then he goes to the next shop.



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