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Focus help, AD cameras

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Lately, I've been installing alot of AD drones using twisted pair. The problem I'm having is I can only focus with the help of another tech due to the twisted pair being wired directly into the I/O board. The only other alternative I have, is to remove the camera and change the jumpers on the I/O board so video is output on the mini coax tail. I would then use my field monitor to focus the camera and then switch the jumpers back. As you can tell, this is very time consuming and sometimes, the process of removing the camera to switch the jumpers back causes the camera to shift, making me have to repeat the process. Is there anyone out there having the same issue as myself? What are you doing about it? Is there a simple solution that I am overlooking?

If there are any AD product developers reading this thread, can you engineer a focusing jack (like the discover camera has) on the camera itself, on the side of the I/O board's base or have the I/O board auto sense termination on the mini coax tail (so if i plug a field monitor onto the mini coax, it will automatically switch from twisted pair to coax)....

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