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EB1304 NET

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Nice little DVR .. but it has its CONS and they are pretty major:


1-No masking of motion detection areas

2-Recording settings effect Remote Video


There are others but these are the only major issues I see with this DVR. Indoors I can see it would be a great machine, outdoors not so sure. I am getting 2 days only, with a 160GB HDD, D1 HIGH Recording (not even BEST), and 20fps instead of 60. Also on these settings the remote video FPS is still only around 6fps. At BEST D1 it will be approx 1-3 fps. When you go to GOOD D1 it hovers around 10fps, and now check this .. set to 120fps and CIF it is a whopping 36fps average .. basically real time remote video - but the recording is no good at that setting. Motion is set to LOW in my case, which is the lowest. Remote download/playback is next to useless in any of the D1 settings.


To make this a DVR worth while for every day out door surveillance, they really need to do at least the following:


1-Seperate the Remote Video Settings from the Recording.

2-Implement a Motion Masking feature.


On a GE StoreSafe with a 40GB Drive I used to get like 1 month, but it had motion masking. Remote video was not super fast but was separate from the recording settings, was highest quality, and not extra sluggish like the 1304 is at highest quality. With a 160GB drive in the 1304 with 4 outdoor and IR cameras, Im getting only 2 days.


Cant have our cake and eat it too I guess, at the current price of the 1304 that is, but it would be nice.


Local Monitor quality and FPS is not effected by the recording settings though.


Its Pros are:


1-IR Remote Control

2-Local Monitor Quality is same as from the camera

3-Very Small DVR


5-Browser software installs easily

6-Free CMS software

7-Quick replies from Manufacturer

8-SDK (though slightly unstable and limited)

9-USB backup (though can be slow, perhaps USB 1.0)

10-VGA or Composite Monitor using switch on outside of case


Want to add more cameras later? Just buy a second one and use the free CMS software and setup an remote video screen division that handles both DVRs.



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They do have MD version of this DVR. I've always been interested in this DVR. Thanks rory for your review..


I'm want to know the comparison to AVtech760

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