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Avermedia NV5000 DVR Card Remote View Problems

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For a long time I have just read what other had to say and I have learned a great deal and solve some problem along the way. having said that here is a problem I having. I am a big fan of stand along dvr's and don't care that much for the PC base cards. I purchased a NV5000 to use on a job, but cannot get the remote viewing part to work. here is some info on what I have done so far.


There is a linksys wrt54-g router at the site, went the linksys router site and went into app/gaming forward port 80 made sure the pc i was using ip address show up and enable it also put in 5555 for romote control click save setting at the bottom of page.


went into windows firewall went to exceptions and added port 80.


There is a static address at the job, made sure the router had that setup right. Check with telco to make sure there were no problems on their end.


Purchased a domain name and pointed that the static address.


using a verizon air data card with a remote laptop I go to the address bar and type in the ip address it come back cannot find that document, type in the domain name and get a IE cannot display this page ( name not type right, problem with site and so on).


I cannot get Avermedia US tech support to pick up the phone and they won't reply to email or return voice mail to three calls so far today.


The pc is a Compaq Evo D510CMT

CPU : Intel P 4a 2.8 mhz 5.25x533

Chipset: Brookdale-G i845G

Ram: 1.2 gig of ddr sdram

video: Nvda geforge mx 4000 128mb of ram


I am using 4 analog cameras that show up find at the site.


What am I doing wrong?

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check to make sure you have the port forward "enabled".check in the box


also, forward ports; 5550 & 5555

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It is working now, first of all I was wrong about Avermedia tech support. The telephone # I was using was wrong, on the forum someone had posted 408-942-2121 for US as the tech support #. When in fact the correct # is 408-942-2118 for US , got thur the first try; the tech was very good and solve the problem after a few questions. ( I did not have the network button on the control panel enable, it has to be purple in order for remote view to work).

Make you feel kind of stupid for not reading the *^%$# manual.

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Manual? What is that?


Oh that paper that I throw to the side when I open a box!!!


I like to try to figure it out without the manual just to see how "intuitive" a DVR can be to a customer with a DVR that I have never ordered, or used before.


You know you are in trouble when you have to sit down with a highlighter to get "something" going before you turn it over to a customer!



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i agree .. a what .. manual??

LOL .. I made one for my software once and I dont think anyone else ever read it .. going by the email questions I got bombarded with .. so yeah we arent alone .. other non manual reading people DO exist

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