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  1. scorpion

    Help......Avtech 760 4ch dvr...

    Have a computer friend check the hard drive. See if it is getting voltage to the hard drive, and try a replacement hard drive. Use a new hard drive and do not format it from a computer. Just place the new hard drive staight in to the DVR. Use a universal power supply for laptops that can be bought at a computer store. This will test to see if you have a bad power supply connected to the DVR. The next step is to test voltages off the internal power supply, and then check all of the oscillators are working. If the oscillators are working it should boot up.
  2. ak357! How is everything in the wonderful world of Canada??
  3. Hardwired! How are you doing! I have missed you guys! OK! Not really! Who enjoys being mocked, ridiculed, and flamed on a forum?? LOL! I thought I wrote some funny lines, but you stole the whole show! "You are overthinking this, just feed each of your cameras into some old TV's lined up in a circle, and record them with your cousin's camcorder mounted on a scanner assembly". Mirror ball motor? "Gorilla tape holds up really well. Metal coat hangers are awesome for mounts, and if you hook them to the high voltage anode on the camera tube, they will provide theft resistance, as well" Now cut that out! I spewed my drink through my nose and on to my laptop's keyboard! Why did I not think of those lines? That was great thinking on your part! LOL Keep em coming! I sure miss all of you guys with the quick wits and the cheesy one liners!
  4. The Toss! Great come back! Too funny!! jxk716 I will make a video tour for you. I do not know if they still have VCR tapes at my local dollar store or not. If I find some I will load it in to my shoulder mounted Video Recorder and post it to the forum! NotoriousBRK Framed and signed? Hmmm? I like that idea. I wonder what kind of paper to use, and the frame style. Maybe a ribbon to look important. Something we all can hang on our shop walls for our customers to see! Glad I could make you all laugh! Take care,
  5. scorpion

    Great info on Port Forwarding

    Manual http://www.voiptalk.org/products/pdf/manual_7170_english.pdf Flashing a Friztbox http://rukerneltool.rainerullrich.de/ruKernelTool-HowTo-7170-from-AnnexBgerman-to-58.04.82AnnexAenglish_EN.pdf I need to change the setting of router Fritz Box. The setting were set by another person. I can't connect to router using cable, may be standard port or address were changed. So the only option is to switch to factory settings. Usually there is a button which deletes all the settings. I read the documentation and they tell to call the number #991*15901590* on the router. Do I have to connect telephone to router? The fritz.box 7170 is always available on (Just set the IP address manually in the range of 169.254.1.x) Info from this website: http://www.nat32.com/nat32e/htm/fritz.htm Introduction Fritz!Box is a very powerful DSL Wireless Router with several unique features: •Certified firewall protects all your local computers. •Acts as a private telephone exchange for two lines and several telephones. •Supports VOIP Internet Telephony from any attached phone. •Supports IEEE 802.11g++ for added range and speed. •Excellent DSL throughput, even at high bit rates. •Traffic Shaping allocates DSL bandwidth fairly amongst applications. •Most models allow USB Drives and Printers to be attached. •Functionality can be extended by starting programs on a USB storage device. NAT32 Builds 1048 and later have Fritz!Box control and configuration support via a upnpc command. Full details of the latest Fritz!Box models are here: Fritz!Box Home The Fritz!Box Fon WLAN Annex A Version (Part Number 2000 1681) works perfectly in Australia and other countries that have non-ISDN (POTS) telephone networks. It comes with English firmware and instructions and can be ordered from: Sipgate (UK). Tips and Tricks •When using a phone with the Fritz!Box, you may hear a continuous buzzing noise when you try to make a call. This is mains hum caused by an earth loop of some sort. To get rid of it, substitute a normal CAT5 unshielded twisted pair Ethernet cable for the red shielded cable that came with the box. •To turn on the Telnet Server in the Fritzbox, pick up your phone and then type: #96*7* •Update: The Telnet Server was omitted from many recent firmware updates, and so the above may not work. To fix this problem, download this file: http://www.telefonsparbuch.de/software/fritzbox/TelefonSparbuch_Telnet04.30.tar and install it on your FritzBox as a firmware update. Start the Windows Telnet Client •To start the Telnet Server when your Fritz!Box boots, enter the following commands: echo '#!/bin/sh'>/var/rc.user echo '/usr/sbin/telnetd -l /sbin/ar7login'>>/var/rc.user cat /var/rc.user > /var/flash/debug.cfg •The sequence #96*8* turns off the Telnet Server. •To install and start an FTP Server on your Fritz!Box, see Tuning and Hacking the Fritz!Box (In German). •If you have a 7170 Fritz!Box, it is already running an FTP server that you can use to access a USB drive. •To map that drive to a Windows drive letter, download and install the free NetDrive program from here: Download NetDrive •The NetDrive help file (in Windows CHM format) is available here: NetDrive Help. •Tip: If NetDrive doesn't start automatically at boot-time, locate the netdrive.exe file and rename it to webdrive.exe. •Be sure to check for the latest firmware for your Fritz!box here: Fritz!Box Firmware •If you are using Internet Explorer 7 (or later), be sure to add to the list of trusted sites, otherwise the firmware update will not work. This is because the pathname of the update file is stripped by IE7 and the firmware file can then not be found. •Open the Fritz!Box DSL packet trace window. How to Edit Configuration Files Start the Windows Telnet Client •Start the Fritz!Box editor nvi. •To edit say the voip.cfg file, enter: nvi /var/flash/voip.cfg • Type / to search for text, i to enter edit mode, then make the needed changes. •ESC returns to command mode, :w saves the file, :q exits the editor. •Command reboot restarts the Fritz!Box. • Command exit exits Telnet.
  6. Hey old timers! I need some help over at Security Cameras. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=31483 What do you think? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey guys! I need some help over at the security cameras! viewtopic.php?f=5&t=31483 What do you think? Thanks!
  8. Hey I was given some old tube analog cameras from an old buddy. They do not have any lenses. Can I use my granmother's glasses and take the lens out and use them on the cameras? My grandmother had stymatism. Will that effect the view? Should I use those glasses, or should I find an old pair that has transiton lenses? Will the transition lenses help when the sun shines in to the cameras? I found some old teletype wire (it is really old) and can I use this to connect the cameras to my VCR? How do I get the 4 cameras to connect to the VCR at the same time? I can modulate one camera and connect it to the coax input, and I can take another camera and connect it to the composite video input. I was thinking about getting an IR blaster and a 555 timer IC and creating some kind of circuit that will switch the VCR from coax input to composite input and back to the coax and to keep repeating that command. Now the VCR can record two cameras. Can I use a washing machine relay to connect two cameras in the composite input? The relay can toggle back and forth between the two cameras and then send the video to the VCR! Now I can record three cameras! Now to figure how to connect two cameras to a modulator! The cameras do not have any mounts so I was just going to duct tape them to the house. Is there such a thing as water proof duct tape? I would really hate to have the cameras fall off after a rain storm! I have some of those old fashion hangers. You know the kind. They are made out of some kind of metal. They are not cool like the new plastic hangers. I could use the wire hangers to hang the cameras from the soffits. The cameras have a hole for a screw. Could I use a dry wall screw and wrap the wire from the hanger around the drywall screw and then insert the screw in to the hole? If the hole does not hold the drywall screw then I might try some JB Weld to hold it. Sounds like a pretty cool system! Now I can protect my prized Odyssey pong video game system, and my TRS 80 computer from being stolen from my basement apartment. No. I do not live with my parents. I let them move in with me, but I charge them rent therefore it was only fair to let them have the main floor. Them moving in worked out real good. My wireless picks up their internet. It is nice to have an internet that is a strong signal. Trying to use my neighbors internet sucked as I only had one bar, and it took forever to download anything. What advise do you guy have? I really appreciate your PROFESSIONAL opion! No. Not really. I am going to set this stuff up just the way I want regardless how much you bastards hen peck me in to spending money for a system when this cool stuff will do the trick! Thanks in advance!
  9. scorpion

    Help......Avtech 760 4ch dvr...

    A hardware reset will not "kill" your DVR. I will assume that you reset the DVR but used the wrong "contact" points. If this is the case then you will need to look at the parts in that circuit and see if the parts can be replaced. If you were doing a proper reset and the DVR died and you have no lights then we need to start here: You have an external power supply. What is the voltage coming out of it with a volt meter? Does the brick power supply have a green led light on it? Some do and some do not. If it has a light is it lit? If you have proper voltage coming out of the power supply then I would open the DVR and check the voltage at the hard drive. If you have voltage at the hard drive then I would take a brand new hard drive (do not format with a computer) and see if the DVR works. If yes then you are good to go. If no then the internal power supply needs to be repaired. If not the power supply then a crystal or something has died and there is a dead "oscillator". Is it worth buying a modern H.264 AVTech DVR?
  10. LOL! Are you done with the thumbscrews? Please not the salt in the wound trick! LOL! Do I feel guilty. No. I feel more sad. Economic reality is what dictates my activities rather than my own true "free will" to do as I please. I would much rather be helping, or getting in to a good banter on a subject. A bad day on CCTVForum beats a good day of work!!! Take care!
  11. Hello Everyone! I have been doing pretty good considering the economy. I have gone from being shamer sitting on a computer all day and sneaking off to cctvforum with advice, help tips, and chatting with all the old timers to becoming a multi job hard working stiff trying to keep my neck above water. A year ago I warned everyone that I would be shutting down the website (technically two years ago). The website is now up to more than 5000 hits a month, and I have no revenue stream to support it. It has become very labor entensive, and I have no pay to support any staff to answer questions, and to design webpages, and work on getting tech tips, or updated firmwares for the latest released products. I do find it odd that people somehow have mistaken me for one who owns AVTech or CPCam. I do not know how that happened, but it is interesting! I am just a little shop in Melbourne Florida with barely 1000 sp feet. I apologize to anyone who may be effected by the website, or webpage being taken down. I have been restoring a Xenon Pinball machine, and some 80 video games. I have a passion for these old games, and I am hoping to have an authentic retro 80's arcade open soon down to a 45 juke box! Take care, Scorpion
  12. scorpion

    Coin op video games, and pinballs machines!

    Last night I found a 1964 Williams Stop N Go pinball machine. Used and abused, but in pretty good shape for being 47 years old. http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?gid=2386 I agree with you about detracting from the original game design. The Smithsonian Muesum will only take a game in its original state with worn paint and other "bruises". The only reason I would go crazy with LED and extra graphics is that it is going in a long row of other pins. I plan on highlighting some of the more important games. The 1970 Baseball by Gottlieb is the first to have the rollover switches in the playfield. For people walking around and looking at pinball games I want them to actually stop and look at the game. I plan on making plaque cards for each game describing the history, and about the people who designed them. Nothing really stands out about the game itself. With the graphics it will cause the disinterested viewers to look more so, and it will stop the sports fan. It would help identify it being a 1970 year machine as well.
  13. scorpion

    Coin op video games, and pinballs machines!

    Hey! How is it going? For the new year I am going to try and open a 6500 sq ft italian restaurant with games and pins. We are going to try and open the old family gameroom. I have been surprised at how many games I can find on Craig's list and how cheap they are. I rescued a 1970 Gottlieb Baseball from a garage. It has severe rust on the legs, and some wear on the playfield. Everything was there and it worked! Here is a youtube video of what it looks like. I have been debating if I should leave it in its original condition and charge two plays for 25 cents, or if I should pull the playfield, remove everything, sand it down, repaint the worn areas, and then put a multi layer polyurethane clear coat and then install LED lighting to give it color to match the playfield paint, and to liven up up the back glass. Space Mission really looks great in the video This pinball is the first to have the star shaped rollovers (seen in the video around the bases in the center of the playfield). I had debated to also paint in the faces of the 1970 World Series. I did not know how people would react seeing Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Pete Rose and also the first African American Umpire Emmett Ashford. Then again would it be considered plasphemy to change an old game like this?
  14. scorpion

    Scorpion is alive and well!

    LOL! The U.S. can afford to print up another Trillion Dollars and pass it around to everyone here on this board!!! I kind of like that idea! Wait until my children and grand children get the bill!
  15. scorpion

    Scorpion is alive and well!

    Holy smokes! Time sure does go by fast! Where am I at now? I just bought a new engine for the Jeep. Price of a long block plus core charge plus shipping to CA to FL.........(Oh boy! I do not want to look at that bill! $3700! Yikes!). I bought a used van as the Jeep Liberty is too small for the bigger jobs. I worked triple time, day, nights and weekends and the van is paid for, (4000). My next goal is to pay off the Jeep which has a balance of some $2000. I have wanted to stock up on canned goods, but I just cannot seem to scrape the money together to do so. I have been wanting to buy a large volume water filter. I do not know if I want a Katadyn, or a Berkey. I have wanted to buy some "survival items, but I cannot seem to scrape any money together to get them. At least I can use my camping equipment as a base line and add what I need. I am ready for QE3 and I am ready for super high inflation and the fall of the American dollar. I do not know if I am ready for the U.S. dollar to be taken of the world reserve. That is going to be painful if it does happen. This will place us in a situation where we will be equal to what "we" (US citizens) would call a third world country. I am a big boy, and I can pull my britches up, and take anything that comes my way. The only thing that I have to figure is what to do at that stage. Planting a garden (WWII victory garden?) is doable. I do not know if this small hole in the wall city will allow chickens, and goats in a residential neighborhood, but if we fall far enough down then I guess code enforcement will not be receiving a paycheck and they may not show up for duty, and I just might get away with it. If that is true then one has to stock up on bullets! Looks like we are in for some fun times! I just wish that I was the type to have bought gold many years ago. Now is the time to buy but at $1400 an ounce I'll just have to sit out on the gold rush! For those who read this post in the future then one has to remember that at this time the U.S.A. does not look like it has a strong military. Other Counties are testing these "new" waters to see how far they can push things as they have felt that they have been surpressed by the U.S.A. Global Muslim Brotherhood is now on the march. They are using other groups to front their agenda, and they are moving the chess pieces knowing that they may loose some pawns on the way, but the checkmate is the ultimate goal towards the U.S. http://globalmbreport.com/ Egypt has changed leaders, there are riots in Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Jordan, and many other countries that are not reported in the U.S. Turkey is getting ready to do another Flotilla to Gaza. How you feel about the MB, or if weapons are taken to Hamas, or your political leanings toward Israel, it is still going to be chaos that will effect everyone in some way one way or another around the world. Saudi Arabia is surrounded by enemies, or will soon be surrounded. Iran wants to attack them from the east, and they want Hamas to attack from the north, and they want Hezbollah to attack from the north. The Shiite Muslims in Yemen will attack from from the South. Egypt (whoever finally rules) will attack from the East. Somalia pirates will be embolden. The strait of Hormuz will be closed, and the Gate of Tears or called Bab-el-Mandeb strait will be closed, the Suez Canal will be close and one will have to wonder if the U.S. will receive any oil. Hopefully we can get oil from the Tupi Oil Fields off of Brazil. What will be the price of a barrel of oil then? The collapse of the dollar, and hyper inflation? If one is knowledgeable, and is prepared then it should not be to painful. http://www.shtfplan.com/ This is where we sit today looking to the future and wondering if there will be riots in the U.S. or not? In the U.S. the socialist, the communist, the anarchist, and muslim brotherhood are putting their differences aside to gather their forces together for the process of bring down America from being a Republic. Your political view will determine whether you see sunshine, or storm clouds. What do you all think?