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Best way to run a camera to a distance of 2000 feet?

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I would like to run a camera at my deer lease to a certain location. There is no power there so i need to run power to it also. I know cat5 wont do the job but would regular siamese cable work or do i need a bigger gauge wire? What would be the best way to approach this problem?





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We did a wireless option with 10guage copper line in PVC. We feed 24 volt power from shed and ran the wire about 2000 feet in the forest. At the end we got 12 volt (+- 5%) at 2.5 amps.


Once we had the power where the camera was mounted, 1.5 amps went to the transmitter and 1 amp went to the camera.


Done deal my friend.

Remeber this setup is approx. - you have to firgure out the conditions, resistance, and etc...

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