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    600TVL WDR License Plate Box Camera - $200

    For sale is a new Wonwoo BCN/P-1030 camera @ $200 + $15 shipping. This is an amazing camera and packs a bunch of features. Spec Sheet Seamless AE Intelligent Control Solution World's Best 600TV Lines of Color Resolution Built-In-3-D Digital Noise Reduction (3D-DNR) Filter Max X512 Sens Up, Low illuminance 0.0003 Lux ICR D&N function provides high quality images in both day and night HSBlC will darken/brighten image portions for clearer images Broader color temperature range AWB(1700K~11700K) User friendly setting MD, Private Zone Masking
  2. securitycamerasupply.com

    High Res 540TVL D&N Box Camera

    Yes i still do. Its a bad ass camera. It comes with a 12V power adaptor, but you can use either 12/24. Here is a pic:
  3. securitycamerasupply.com

    High Res 540TVL D&N Box Camera

  4. securitycamerasupply.com

    High Res 540TVL D&N Box Camera

  5. securitycamerasupply.com

    High Res 540TVL D&N Box Camera

    It is a superb camera. Maintains color real well at night. Has OSD menu so you can adjust almost all settings from sense, sharpness, and etc... Includes 1 year warranty. Retail the camera is $240. Selling price: $150 flat - includes S&H. Download spec sheet http://securitycamerasupply.com/lenslot/boxspec.pdf - 1/3" Sony Super HAD color CCD with 410K pixel - Ultra High Resolution of 540TV lines - Day & Night - SDNR noise reduction technology takes less DVR space - Min. illumination of 0.3 Lux @ F1.2 (Normal color mode) 0.002 Lux @ F1.2 (DSS x32) - DSS, AWB, AGC, BLC, Flickerless, Privacy Mask - OSD Menu to adjust settings - S/N ratio of 50dB - 24V AC / 12V DC compatible
  6. securitycamerasupply.com

    Best way to run a camera to a distance of 2000 feet?

    We did a wireless option with 10guage copper line in PVC. We feed 24 volt power from shed and ran the wire about 2000 feet in the forest. At the end we got 12 volt (+- 5%) at 2.5 amps. Once we had the power where the camera was mounted, 1.5 amps went to the transmitter and 1 amp went to the camera. Done deal my friend. Remeber this setup is approx. - you have to firgure out the conditions, resistance, and etc...
  7. securitycamerasupply.com

    any installer in LA?

    Let me know if you still need services. We are established with a company who has served top names in Los Angeles.
  8. securitycamerasupply.com

    Can I brighten/enhance night video footage?

    It comes with a standard filter set, but more can found over the web. To give you an exact tutorial on which filters to use is hard, because it is depends on your video. I would start working with the 'levels' filter then moving on to 'brightness/contrast'. We also use addon filter like 'Noise Reducer' and 'Luminance Correction'.
  9. securitycamerasupply.com

    Can I brighten/enhance night video footage?

    We end up using VirtualDub. It is easy, works fast, and should do basic things you are looking for. What you can also do is pull the best frame out of the video and work on it via Photohop to enhance.
  10. securitycamerasupply.com

    CCTV System for Shopping Mall

    Which system is suitable, Standalone DVR or PC based? If you were going the analog route, you should do a standalone Nuvico system since loss prevention love working with that system. Many casinos like that system also, but remote functions are terrible. For IP based system, I would do PC based on ONSSI with Arecontvision megapixel cameras. DVR itself will manily act as the storage unit. I have also been hearing about Network/IP cameras being more cost effective than a conventional camera setup. Is this true? Typically the market has fake IP cameras. Usually they are analog CCD chips converting to digital. They are no progressive. Those IP cameras are junk and are not more cost effective than analog. Where you want to go is Megapixel cameras. Arecont Vision is a great choice, but you are looking at $900 retail for just a 1 meg camera. Analog will always be cheaper and will be cheaper, because the CCTV market is filled with installers who use analog cameras to digital systems. The clientle market does not want to pay for high-end IP cameras, so installers will not put a heavy load to get IP based solutions out there. How about the cabling? Can I use a standard RG59 coax cable or do I need to use a different type? There are typically two mainstream cables. RG59U has a solid stinger and braided on the outer. RG59A/U is all braided. When running great distances, you must take into consideration interference, a break in line, amplification, signal-loss, and crossover. I suggest using a device like Camera Master to check signals coming out of cable. For your IP based solution, you can go with Cat5, hopefully shielded and plenum jacket. You will again need to test cable with devices like Test-Um kits. Make sure to get all IP cameras on a POE switch block.
  11. securitycamerasupply.com

    modifing existing cctv system

    We sell many Tempest DVRs. You must set your system on 640x480 res, looks like you have 320x240. Their older caputre cards are not fast as the new ones, but their OS typically uses power from both capture card and video card. So setting to 15 or 18 fps should be decent, as it will not do nothing near 30fps. Even setting to 15 or 18 fps will not be the true. General rule of thumb for Tempest storage: 4 Channel - 160GB 8 Channel - 320GB 12 Channel - 500GB 16 Channel - 1TB Remember these systems as I consider are for remote viewing applications. Tempest is virutally one of the few on the market that provide simultaneous remote live viewing and playback. Any issues surrounding the Tempest DVRs can be addresses to me. We are authorized dist.