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8 channel power supply.

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forgive my newbie question but l would like to know if the power supply for 8 channel cameras is a box with 8 inputs and 8 outputs and the supply/power is just one plug feeding these inputs ie (does it just plug in to a regular outlet?) l looked at the altronics supply but l dont see a plug, lf not how, does it get powered.

l am guessing you feed the box from one outlet(cord with plug) and then you connect the 8 cameras with the black and red wire to the terminals?therefore you only need one plug and not eight???

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What it is basically is:


A Power Supply like an Altronix 4amp Power Supply for example:

A Terminal Strip

Power Cord

Battery - if you use it

Ground - if you use it


The Power Supply connects to the cord which plugs into the wall

The Power Supply also, using the 24VAC or 12VDC Power Output depending on which power supply you have, goes to the Terminal Strip.

The Battery can be connected to the Power Supplies Battery Input


So essentially it is just 1 power supply with 1 power cord, powering each camera by splitting up the total Amps to all the cameras. You can actually build them yourself pretty easy, but just as cheap to just order it ready made.



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