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PTZ RS485 on Geovison setup

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I'm struggling to get a 27x zoom camera to work in combination with a GeoNET-IO card and GV800.

The noname camera has 6 connections on the RS485 part: +,-, Zoom, Focus, Menu & Common.

The GeoNetIO has + and - connections and 4xIN+Ground and 4xOut+Common.

First question: Should the + from the camera go to the + on the GeoIOnet card and - to - ?

Or is just the other way + to - and - to +?

Is there some way to diagnose such a setup? I tried lot's of combinations but no luck. The GeonetIO RJ11 connected to the PC's COM1 port and also had a try via USB (Com3).


In the General Setup of Geo I choose Pelco Dome and activate this. Set to 9600, Pelco-P, Com1. Then in the PTZ control: choosen Addres 000 and also tried 001. (There a help note in the software saying, to be compatible the address of the systeem should be the address of the cam+1.) The cam is set to A:000 B:9600 PelcoP.


I also tried to connect the Common of the camera to the Common (of the 4xIn) of the GeoNetIO card to exclud ground prob's but no difference.


Who to get it working? Any tests methods? Do I need a terminator resistor?

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Your camera needs to support a RS485 protocol for dome's (eg Pelco ....).

Judging from the connectors it does not because it has seperate Zoom, focus connectors.


p.s. did you map the protocol to the camera ? (map ptz menu) otherwise it will not work anyhow.

+ is + and - is -



Only option is then to use the I/O ptotocol from the protocol list.

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The map of the PTZ is OK in GeoVision. The manual of the cam says:

Line Method: +/-5VDC, +/-12VDC, Bus method: RS485, Bus protocol: Pelco D&P, so it should be OK for use with RS485 and PelcoP protocol. I think the extra copnnectors for Zoom, Focus & menu are just an extra way.

The camera has only motor Zoom no Pan or Tilt.

Is there a way of checking the signal (with a meter or so) or diagnose this setup? There are lots of connections maybe there is something wrong along the way. The GeoNetIO is connected to the GV800 and PC power, also exteranl via the RJ11 to the PC's Com1, then the +/- connectors to the camera +/-, both sides have channel set to 000 & PelcoP 9600.

I noticed that with the Geovision software & Pelco Dome setting, you can choose PelcoP (9400/4800) or PelcoD (2400).

I'm not aware of the I/O protocol. Is this a method of using the output ports of GVNETIO to pulse the PTZ camera?

How does it need to be connected then?

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use pelco-d ptz protocol


Pelco protocol is always minus 1 in geovision. So dome is address 1 -> geovison use: 0


If geovision recognize the card it's normally ok. You can check the lines with a meter (are the twisted pairs !?).


I/O protocol means you use the output relais to move a PTZ unit (not that easy btw ...). Don't recommend it, much easier to use a converter.

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OK, I've got it working now with PelcoD & 2400! No groundwire no terminator needed. Thanks guys.


I noticed that in GV when you select PelcoD it is only 2400 and when you select PelcoP it is 4800/9600. Is that the limit of these protocols or why is it like this?

The camera I use says PelcoD&P and the baud rate is selectable between 2400-9600 for both, so maybe when setting 2400 it is PelcoD, and 4800/9600 it is PelcoP?

On another DVR I can choose baudrate from 2400 to 9600 for each protocol. This DVR also support lots of other protocols PelcoP, PelcoP1..6, PelcoD1, PelcoTZ,....

I need to use PelcoTZ to get it working there.


Now with GeoVision, I stil struggling to use the Presets. I can Set a preset but recall one, seems not to work, strange. Same thing on the DVR. This can't be a camera issue I guess?

On GeoVision is there some automation possible with the zoom (presets)?

Can it zoom to a point when detecting motion or sensor input?

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baudrate used to be selectable in previous version, not anymore. Why ... beats me.


PTZ is not easy to setup for the first time and not that well explained.

Presets .... probably the camera (not fully supporting the protocol ....)


Other questions: start reading the manual or look at the demo on the geovision website (all is possible).

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