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  1. CollinR

    Image quality problem with NV5000 and Nuvico camera

    If it goes away when you set it to CIF resolution I'm thinking it's the display adapter.
  2. CollinR

    2 X NV6480 and Version

    Works for me.
  3. CollinR

    Image quality problem with NV5000 and Nuvico camera

    What mainboard and what display adapter?
  4. I didn't read all of this but the first thing you should do is contact the dept of labor. These guys can get so far up his @$$ it's not funny. Also note you cannot file bankruptcy against the government, in this case they are representing you. I have been there and done that, they had my $ in a matter of weeks.
  5. In most states you need a licensed company manager to get the company licensed. Thats before you can do anything, including subcontracted or sale/design and subcontract to someone else.
  6. CollinR

    help finding a dial up service...

    If you have DSL as your ISP they give you a list of #s for dialup access while not at home. I would think you could probably get enough guys togther to poll those and make this happen without much if any effort or cost.
  7. CollinR

    Dyndns.org paid/free

    Free and paid basically work the same way, however if you are a dealer the paid side allows you to use your own domain rather then their list. A bunch of other options too but functionally the basics work the same.
  8. Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner. If you shop wisely you can probably score that for ~$450, the bonus is you would have a bunch of unmentioned capabiltity as well. In my case I used an Applied Digital Ocelot which is for all intensive purposes a PLC for home use. Add to it's rs485 network a SECU16 and you have 8 A/D inputs or 8 digital inputs plus 8 digital outputs. The same setup rs485 network supports both temp, humidity and ASCII output. You can either use the prepackaged temperature bobcat or use your own probe and the SECU16. The text inserter would just be whatever you can find thats cheap.
  9. CollinR

    Webviewer on Avermedia 5000

    Under network setup enable bandwidth limit and set it to like 10mbps and it will also improve LAN usage too.
  10. CollinR

    Fake gv cards

    Its not just GV cards it's anything that taxes the PCI bus enough. I have seen it work okay with the GV800 and below. Definately get a different mainboard.
  11. I would go with a PS in a can and put the can somewhere else out of the way. Nothing says the PS and the display need to be close to each other. Normally I do keep the DVR and PS together but it's not required and what you are atalking about doing is radically cheaper in a can as opposed to a rackmount. Also if like me you have a rack cabinet to put this stuff in, you can buy a 4U rack case and put a canned PS inside it. Now you still have the rackmount and cool factor but costs less far less if you buy a used server and gut it.
  12. CollinR

    anyone inspected their hvac ducts?

    Might try an RC car, you could make a follower cable strong enough to pull the sucker back if you had to.
  13. CollinR

    $10,000.00 Reward

    D1 only too, kinda takes the fun out of it.
  14. CollinR

    whats the best way to do remote viewing?

    I charge $250 extra if the customer has a 2wire modem and will not have the phone company swap it out before I get there. Then I put the 2wire into bridge mode and install a router with DDWRT behind it. The 2wire from then on is simply a modem and the new router will take control of the LAN.
  15. CollinR

    DVR with dvd complient burner

    I can do it on PC systems but it makes the process take quite a while and you can only have about 3 hours of video. Then you have the issue of which camera and whatnot. It's a PITA that I would try to avoid if possible.