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Bob La Londe

Toshiba IK64WDA discontinued

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The first couple bathces of IK64WDAs I used weere great. They were my first WDA cameras, and the auto switch from color to black and white worked reliably. The last batch I got before they were discontinued seemd to have an awfully high number of failures. Somehting like 1 in 8 or 1 in 10 over the course of a year. Considering the price of these cameras I felt that was pretty bad. None of the first couple batches I installed have failed now even after several years.


Now that the IK64WDA has been discontinued and replaced with the IK65WDA I am curious if anybody has installed very many of them. If so how have they worked? I like these features paire with an auto iris varifocal lens for most applications where the customer is willing to pay for it. I can dial that camera in to handle most applications precisely. I would just hate to start using the new cameras if they are going to have the same failure rate as the old ones. I'ld rather hunt for something else to try if I am going to have reliability issues.


What do you think?

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Panasonic's 474 is a WD Day Night with IR Cut Filter, supposed to be a very good camera, im installing one next week at a gas station for the pumps. Good price also and you cant go wrong with a name like panasonic.



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