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Loss of image quality

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A customer of ours has an AVerMedia nv3000 card and is using a CNB - 4.3mm - 12LED outside camera that has a SUPERHAD image sensor with 380 TVLs.


When he looks at the image produced by the camera directly on his TV it is great!


When he attaches his camera to the AVernv3000 card there is a dramatic loss of quality.


The colors are very poor, there is a significant loss of detail such as textures of the concrete of his walkway and loss of definition of leaves on a shrub. This naturally concerns us as his ability to capture detail of an intruder is greatly diminished.


He has upgraded his video card with no appreciable change in quality.


Why does this problem of loss of quality happen?


Would the nv5000 card render a higher quality image. or would it be the same except a higher frame rate?


What can he do to improve the image? Would it change much if he upgraded to a 520 TVL camera...


He is completely satisfied with the image of the 380 TVL CNB camera on his TV. Why does it degrade so much?


Would a GeoVision card perform better?


Thanks in advance for any thoughts or ideas to help our knowledge and understanding.


Would a stand-alone DVR improve the image quality?

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How bad is it?

You can't get the exact same quality as on TV on DVR cards.


Can you post the image?

If it looks too bad it maybe chipset or video card problem with the card

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There could be a lot of reasons, the biggest I assume is that your looking at a flat pallette...Most compressions will compress ...like objects...or similar coloured surfaces without great contour and will apply these areas with more compression....IE If I point a camera straight down at the carpet...more compression is applied to the picture, the reason is becasue the carpet is all similar..no detail no contours..no need to shave compression.....but if I lift it up...then it tends to see more detail and apply less compression.


You should be able to adjust this...their are a whole lot of other things to consider though..


Wide Dynamic Range...concrete is white are the other areas of the picture dark...like shade etc or dark grass, flat surfaces reflect light...grass does not as much, so as far as the cam is concerned its getting a bright and dark in the same scene....better cameras handle this better.


Resolution......are you using the highest res...have you set your DVr to the larger resoltuion.


On an analogue monitor the picture always looks great..thats because its not compressed..its like comparing a movie in a cinema to a small file size one off the net (not that I would download movies of the net of course )


Also the refresh rate of a CRT vs a LCD is better....so it could be your video card or lcd that is the problem...most likely its compression

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