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Ip cameras and bandwidth NV5000

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Hi Guys just recently switched over from Geovision to Avermedia and I had a couple of questions. if I am not accessing the remote viewer from outside of my LAN is the card still uploading ? I have a bandwidth meter on the DVR PC and as you can imagine it showing a lot of activity, which I hope is just the IP cams.


Its just my ISP has a huge problem with uploading and I want to make sure that I am not going over my allowance. I know with the Geovision card that it does not upload to the net unless its accessed from outside the LAN.


Thank you in advance for your help.

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It will only send data out your ISP if you have set it up to send recorded data to a remote server or if you are remotely connected to it from an off-site location.

If you are not connected and you have not configured it to send data to a server, it can't upload anything. There has to be some other device to upload to.

If you want to track your actual ISP data rather then your PC network port activity, check out dd-wrt or tomato firmware for linksys and other consumer routers. They let you look at and log your data rates up and down from your ISP.

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