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Wave-P Ether9808 Good Card! Great Price!

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Hi, I run a computer company and offer DVR installs to our 2000 commercial clients(mainly small businesses). I starting using geovision cards when i first started doing camera install(about 4 years ago), always had issue with the systems crashing. I think mainly because these card might have been clones. So i went directly to geovision and bought authentic cards for around $800. I also had issues with these cards crashing and the remote view was horrible, always jumpy, never smooth. Personally i did not like the software(over complicated)

I started trying different cards off ebay, when i came across the Wave-P ether9808 card. full 240fps per 8 channel card, will do up to 32 cameras at 960fps. I was amazed how smooth the playback was on the remote view and how easy the software was to use. The remote software did not have to be installed(just click on the exe), which made it easy for me to put the ip settings in and email it to the client. After replacing all of the geovision card with wave-p about 100 of them, every single customer was much happier with this smooth and clear playback from the remote software. It also has an easy function to lock the software so unauthorized users cant use the software(which i finaly found in geovision, but much easier to use in wave-p) this was a big problem at a few of our clients like mcdonald where employess were using the dvr to go online and also shutting the system down.

-To burn sofware with wave-p is much easier, you can just make an exe and send to anyone(they dont need any codecs)

-Problems i have encountered with the wave-p

-During playback from remote view the dvr system would crash(This had been fixed in the january 2009 release of the software) in the past i just told all the clients they had to do playback direcly from the system. Now all of the clients can do playback from the remote view software and it is very smooth playback and easy to use. Had not had one system crash since the new software had been installed.

-Also wave-p lied about 640x480 recording only does 320x240(so far out of 100 client i have had no one complain about this, i dont even think they no the differnce(i never told them the record rate, so i did not mislead them when i sold them the system) i always show every customer a demo before i sell them the DVR. I have contacted wave-p, not sure if the is something they can fix in the next release of the software.

Ahh that reminds me another thing i hated about geovision cards, why cant i use new software on old cards? Many hours spent online looking for the correct version. With wave-p cards i can always download the latest release software from the website and it will work.


These are just some of my thoughts on these cards. I would highly recommend these cards for people who are not looking for an over complicated dvr system that is easy to use. Works on vista and xp.

-And damn the price difference going from a $800 card to a $65


One other thing, since we are a computer company i get calls all the time to setup other cctv systems because most cctv companies have no idea about port forwarding and dyanmic ip(i use dyndns com, they are free)setup

-So the speco systems, everfocus, ect(standalone systems) althought they are easy to setup(just plug in and turn on) i find them to be poorer quality usualy under 30fps per camera and dificult to navigate when you have to search back dates. and they usually only have web access which is always slow and difficult to setup because the ie7 settings you have to change to enable activex.


Right now i get about 1GB per/day per camera when recording with wave-p

so with 2TB hard drive and 8 cameras i get up to 210 days contiunus record.


I have read this forum and see a dislike in this card maybe because of the lie about 640 recording or the crashing of the software(which i can tell you i believe the fixed in the latest verision). Or maybe most of you guys are involved in much bigger setups then me(like i said we are do small setups, gas stations, 7-11's, mcdonalds, home setups, ect..)


Just my opinion, would like to here other peoples thoughts on this card or any other cards they make.

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man, you are a novice or just playing stupid? that cards are really bad, the software it`s a joke, there are a lot of threads about it...

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why is the card crappy and software a joke. It is very stable, never crashes. It does everything i need it to. I have no use counters and object missing features. This dvr records video at high frame rate(never choppy), lets me play it back and view it remotley. like i said we are not installing these systems at jfk or on space shuttles. from customers feedback they all are much happier with these crappy card and software then geovisions cards. In the end it does not matter what i like, it matters what the customers like.

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yes thats true.. here in israel that card is the most card that we sell ..its easy sottware..has also dynamic ip from software that you can apply domain name..system also is stable and not heavy on PC..

but when you mix 2 cards 200f..you dont get 400f.. it stay 200f..but the 16channels look nearly real time..

the new model from this card iswith PCI-E.. 200F.. and when you mix 2 cards from this series you get 360f.. which is almost near time for 16 channels..

the video quality is good comparing other cards.. and when you use cameras with 540TVL.. IT WILL BE AMAZING..


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man, you are a novice or just playing stupid? that cards are really bad, the software it`s a joke, there are a lot of threads about it...


Yes -- in my case I am a novice. I am not in the cctv business. But I thought I would share my experience anyway.


In October 2007, I installed a 32-camera (4-9808 cards) system in my store. Later, I split one of the channels into 4 with a quad processor. The four cams assigned to this are outside and are cameras of low importance.


This was my second experiment with a system. The first was a standalone 16ch system that I disliked immensely.


I bought and installed all the cameras (except outside cams). I hired a local company to install bnc connectors on the cables I ran and to install the outside cams.


There is 1.5Tb of space for recordings. Because of our settings, we get about 15 days of recording time.


Is it perfect? NO. But when you compare my investment for this 35 camera system to having someone else install a "better" system, there is NO comparison.


What do I dislike? Yes, I can talk bad about it as well.

1. I can't log DIRECTLY into the server running the dvr software and see the cameras as directdraw won't allow it through either remote desktop or vnc.


2. You can't REVIEW the recordings BACKWARDS. The standalone box had this and I miss it every day. When we discover stolen merchandise, we used to play the recording backwards from the point when we found the merchandise. Can't do that anymore.


3. A TRUE bandwidth hog - both for INTRAnet and WAN access. (REMOTE REVIEW via WAN is painfully slow compared to standing at the dvr).


4. Remote software needs a MAJOR rewrite to include new features, such as not automatically trying to load all cameras, or loading pre-set camera numbers for view. Wave-P hasn't been too receptive to the suggestions. It also acts "buggy" at times.


5. Capturing video for submission as evidence is difficult and bulky. This is probably one of the WEAKEST parts of this software. We have a time consuming work-around, but shouldn't have to.


6. Every other week, it "forgets" a camera and has to be restarted; and every few weeks, it gets mad at win-xp and requires a restart. Rebooting the system weekly seems to help this.


But all of that doesn't prevent me from ordering more units for other stores. My application isn't a bank or a casino -- and our surveillance system is not mission-critical. But for me, it has been wonderful.


It does everything that we need in a retail store surveillance system, for a price that a non-corporate store could afford. Would I prefer a full D1 system? OF COURSE - I would love the larger image size and greater resolution. Is it worth the extra money in our application? No.


Overall - a great system for the money. I'm pleased I went with the WAVE-P cards.

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hahaha, it`s like you are driving your car and from time to time it stops...but, hey, you have payed little money, so you will do a little repair and tweaking to that car (card) to be running again...i imagine the dvr standalone you have bought, sure was a same cheap product with poor performance, so please enjoy it! Another man who is happy by paying less for nothing...

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