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AVerDiGi software NV7.5 version and USB Dongle

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Has anyone tested this new software? There are some interesting features inside, for example, PTZ automation (intutive PTZ on video control), camera tree display in live view, and a new debug tool for technical support.


I think the most interesting thing is that they now have USB dongle for IP camera channel license, and you can work with your existed analog channels then expand the system capability. Very cool!

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1. I having a problem with web viewer through internet explorer 6 and 8 on this version.

If you double click on one of the channel to blow up the single screen then double click to go back to 4 screen split you get no live feedback. It gives your no signal logo


I have to disconnect then reconnect it to get the video back


2. Adding multiple sites on the web viewer is good feature but it doesn't save the setting after you closed and re opened the browser again.


by the way where do you find their new version of the remote software. I can only download the server software from their site.

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