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8.3 DVR and Center V2, possible issue

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posted this one before but for some reason it's gone ....


Already working with Geovison on this, just want to know if I am the only one:

- DVR (8.3) connected to CV2 (8.3)

- system gets instable: lost feeds to CV2 and multiple restarts on the DVR


Same CV2 has NVR (8.3) connected: no problems and other 8.2 DVR's with no problems.


Any input of similar setups would be helpfull to find a solution.

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apperently the problem occurs when you connect to two CV2-systems. With one it's stable.


They still have not figured out what the problem is at GV.

Already did a complete OS install upgrade the memory, nothing helps.


System keeps restarting and looses CV2 connection.


GV is unable to reproduce the problem, if somebody has 8.3 (vista) and could just try to connect to two CV2-systems.......and keep it running (should happen witin hours).


This system has 10 cams (1480 PCI-X) and one 3 mp cam (but with 10 analog cam's the problems are the same).


p.s. system used to run 8.2 (same setup): did run perfect

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