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Vertical Keyboard Mount

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Hey All,


I'm currently installing a CCTV System in a Warehouse and was looking for a pole mount to mount some keyboards and monitors on a 1 & 1/4" pole/pipe (this doesn't have anything to do with the CCTV, just some additional work I mite be able to gain if I can accomplish it.


The location as I mentioned is a warehouse type environment, the customer already has some structure in place for other equipment which they will like to use.


They built rails (looks like a checkers board) using 1 & 1/4" pipe in rows throughout the warehouse and would like us to mount around 4-6 keyboards, mice and monitors to these pipes at various locations throughout the warehouse.


I'm thinking of using a regular LCD Wall Mount directly screwed into the pipe or fastened using U Bolts for the LCD Monitors (15"), but I can’t seem to find anything that will hold a keyboard in the vertical position (Keyboard needs to be mounted below monitor with the keys facing the user).


I know the hardware is out there for this type of stuff, but I just can’t seem to find it.


I've seen this type of installation in another warehouse I did a while back, but I cannot contact those people because it was a sub-contract and I don’t have any direct contacts there.


As usual, cost is a major factor and I need all the work I can get right now.


Any assistance will be GREATLY appreciated.

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You're welcome.


Let us know if you find a U.S. supplier if would be nice to have the source if anyone else needs any at some point.



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