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  1. Hi All, I'm attempting to unbrick my camera IPC-HDW2100 via TFTP method after an unsuccessful firmware upgrade. I have 9 of these and all the others upgraded fine using DH_IPC-HX3(2)XXX_Eng_N_V2.420.0000.0.R.20140414 except for 1. The following is what shows up when connected via serial: Puttty:- Õëy½Þ¯UÛ ¿£75A-#3!A7;==£±£åëg!=7¿=77¿åëg!=7-#1¿«ïy½«ÓÑÔ¿9!#¿5955757£åë®j:ªºú»!¿15¿-#3!£åë¿åëY=¿Y_m¿e5%! ¿-79!75¿'åëa¿¿¿5'åëu¿¿¿5'åë]Ñ©Ú#5¿_oM¿qucu[my¿§-7åëQº=£1/¿1=5=-!I 5¿753='¿-%=15åënnÛ ££¿!m_¿=77¿-¿ 5¿¿¿}[e¿g-#¿i5'¿m%=15¿¯#9!%57­åë¿¿¿w==¿Y-#9-A5¿{åë¿¿¿m%=15¿W -#1¿y/59)%¿£££¿¯ºú»õ=¿y[yåëu[[a[¿9=#±¿15¿)5'¿-%=15½åëwo{aaW¹¿ Any idea what mite be going on here? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Whats the current date and time/
  3. coolie11

    Upgrading my current setup?

    You would have to upgrade the DVR also.
  4. coolie11

    New to CCTV - pls advice

    You are right. There is no point upgrading your cameras if your DVR only records at CIF.
  5. coolie11

    tvt code master

    "need code mster of dvr td2316ss-c" "all code of dvr" What do you mean?
  6. coolie11

    Sunluxy 8ch DVR Model SLDVR8 - 4600

  7. Did you try Google? https://www.google.com/search?q=22+awg+shielded+wire&oq=22+awg+sh&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.6942j0j7&sourceid=chrome&espv=210&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8#q=22+awg+2+shielded+wire
  8. coolie11


    yes. The Wireless Bulb CCTV Security DVR Camera set with AV-OUT is not a DVR. It allows the transmission of Audio/Video over a wireless signal to Viewing/Recording device.
  9. coolie11

    Upgrading my current setup?

    If you are satisfied with the daytime picture, installing floodlights (NO IR) would solve your issue, other wise don't waste time and money on another analog camera. If you can fit the bill look into upgrading to megapixel cameras, you wont be disappointed.
  10. Most Capture cards are not natively supported by windows. Did you install the Eyemax software?
  11. 1. You can use 2 Standalone Dahua DVR's recording independently with SmartPSS for local monitoring of both systems (PC REQUIRED) (Cheapest Option) 2. You can use 2 Standalone Dahua DVR's recording independently with 1 NVR (NO RECORDING) for local monitoring on TV (NO PC REQUIRED) 3. You can use 2 Standalone Dahua DVR's NO RECORDING with 1 NVR for RECORDING and local monitoring on TV (NO PC REQUIRED) 4. You can use IP Cameras at both locations with 1 NVR for RECORDING and local monitoring on TV (NO PC REQUIRED) (BEST QUALITY OPTION) 5. You can always mix-n-match devices to accomplish your ideal install to satisfy quality and budgetary requirements. 6. Any manufacture DVR's/NVR's with CMS Program to view all cameras at once or IE for one system at a time on Laptop.
  12. coolie11

    Dahua firmware

    I was referring to the NVR Firmware. Thanks.
  13. coolie11

    Dahua firmware

    Do you have the NTSC Version of this Firmware?
  14. coolie11

    DVR-9114HV problem whit mobile phone

    Your configuration looks correct. Try reducing the Extra Stream, smoetimes the mobile phone bandwith can't negotiate the traffic properly. I have a couple of htese setup the same way with no issues
  15. coolie11

    DVR-9114HV problem whit mobile phone

    Post a screenshot of the network setting page and your router port forwarding. Does the user account you are using have monitoring rights?