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gv-1240 can cause pc hangs?

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Hello, i got a question regarding gv1240, i have installed gv-1240 and setup in version 8.2. before i had a problem with 8.2 with a video mosaic and runtime error in viewlog sometimes the pc hangs whenever the operator uses viewlog and after restarting the pc it goes back to normal then after a long wait i installed gv 8.3.1 and then after several days it runs with no problem but now it frequently hangs the cctv server for 3 times a day, im thinking if there is a way that gv 1240 can cause the hangup? here is the pc specification....


Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66Ghz 6MB Cache 1333FSB

Asus P5KE Wifi P35 chipset PCI-E 16x/ Dual Channel DDR2 1333

Seagate SV35.3 ST3750330SV 750GB

Lite-On DVD Writer (DH-20A3S) 20x Sata Drive

2GB Kit DDR2 800 (Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C5DHX)

Inno3D 7300GT 256MB DDR3 128Bit PCI-Express Video Card

Cooler Master 550W PSU Real Power SLI

Lian LI PC-7B Plus II

APC Back- UPS RS 1000i 230V

Viewsonic VA2226W 22â€

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i have been having similiar problems. Check your computer memory we are finding some memory does not work well i.e. system hangs after so many hours but we can never find any other cause

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same here, system used to run fine on a 1480 with 8.2.


Now running 1240 and 8.31 with GV-IP cam's and analog: not stable anymore ....


no idea what it is, already had a blue windows screen.

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