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4 out 6 cam's down by lightning

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On a recent installation I had lost 4 cam's by lightning strike.

All cam's are installed inside and are the same type: a Chinese IR IP66 varifocal 12V model. There are connected with baluns over FTP to a GV800 card.

The 4 cam's that are broken were all installed in a kind wet and cold production rooms where they use water and ice for perparing food...

The other 2 still working, are in an office, coinsidence?

Since the setup is located in an region w/o much lightning no surge protection was used.

What went wrong and how to avoid this in the future?

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Grounding is OK at the PC side and the 12 power for the baluns. Also there is ground fault circuit.

But how can the camera's be grounded? There is only a 12V en coax connection going to the balun.

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BNC lightning surge protectors on the coax cable protects the DVR


(see attached photo )



and lightning surge protector on the mains 110 V power before it meets the power supply.


i suspect you got the spike through your mains power.


Belkin and panamax both make fantastic units which will handle any lightning hit.


there is also lightning surge protectors available for wireless transmitter / receiver antennas




BNC coax unit below




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