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Hi all!

I have AverMedia NV5000 and when I launch DVR software (try with last 7.7 or 7.5 and it is the same) on local server (Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 - C2D E6750/4GB RAM/ GeForce 8800GT 512) if my LCD resolution is upper than 1024x768 I can't view all 4 analog PAL 720x576 D1 cam at 25fps each as AverMedia declared, but I see only few fps... each cam in quad view mode go at about 2/3 fps (view and recorded motion video). If I switch in only one cam mode, also at resolution of 1920x1080 (that what I need to use) I see 25 fps, but only in one cam mode. To see and record 25fps for each analog cam, I must go to poor resolution of 1024x768. All option are default and recorded video mjpeg.


I think there is also 1 bug: when I use internal modem to call out if motion detect, my pre-recorded voice start at the end of modem dial and not when the remote party answer the phone. If the remote party answer after 4 rings for example, and you have recorded simply "attention: motion detected on room 1" you will not ear anything. Also the voice is incomprehensible.


I have software cd 7.1. Where I can download the last complete manual 7.7?


I hope to be useful to someone.

Thank all for yours reply.

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