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Digital CCTV vs Analog- Has it really improved any?

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I work at a county jail and have been the "admin" of our video system for the last 8 years.

We started out with Integral Tech systems (4) and three 4 tape back up drives.

Because we need to have whats not there as well as what is there, we record everything, and dont use motion detection to start recording.

After a month I submitted a request and purchased 4 SRT-6000 VHS machines.

Making a 5 minutes video went from all day to about 15 minutes, and we had sound to boot.

All we have to do is change the tapes once a day. I never used the computer based digital recorder again.

Fast forward 8 years. The administration got 100K to replace the old Sanyo VHS system. (I had been replacing the recorders when they died from eBay at about $100 each).

We purchased 3 Dedicated Micros, BX2 systems with about 15 T bytes of disk.

Now, to make a 5 minute video, it takes hours to retrieve and record to the CD. If I have a long one, I just found out the DVD recorder does not work with "selected time video" and I have to put it all on CD.

The damn thing has failed the last three times I tried. I even downloaded to my PC and it will only convert half of the proprietary video to windows files, etc. It's been running now for three hours "creating image" for the 15 minute blocks I am trying to record to CD for the 50 minutes of video I need.

No sound, crappy image, takes too long, hard to use, etc.

By purchasing this great new digital system that runs on Unix or something great like that with all of this disk, I have stepped back 8 years.

I have a small room full of VHS tape I can use to record over if I can find some new VHS machines, and can convince command staff, I would like to go back to tape.



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