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Geovision Inside of Another GUI Program- Window Positioning

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For my home automation system, I use a GUI "front end" called XLobby.


I would like to run Geovision "remote playback" or "remote live view" and position these application windows with XLobby under my CCTV section.


As an example, I position SageTV within Xlobby, and my TV control and TV output look seamless.


Since the Geovision programs don't seem to be designed to run in a window (full screen only), I tried to download and run the Geo programs at 1024X768 resolution while my actual screen display runs at 1400X900. This works in that the Geo applications now only take up part of the screen, but they are located at coordinates (0,0 - upper right hand corner).


Does anyone know of a way to move the Geo windows around (similiar to the movewindow)? Does anyone know of a utility that these windows could be encapsulated in (so that i could move them around)?

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You can adjust the screen positioning by using the DMPOS.exe application found in the folder where your GeoVision software is installed to (ex. C:\GV1480).


Please contact our technical support's live chat at www.usavisionsys.com (link on left side) in case you would like further support on this - thanks!

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