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Motherboard Compatability

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the Gigabyte motherboard GA-EP45-UD3P works with dual Avermedia 6480EXP cards with no problems. This motherboard is not on Aver's compatability tested list, but is a brother of the same general P45 chipset group.


Interestingly enough our first 6480 card looks different than our second card as far as where the watchdog pins and other pinouts are located on the card. Perhaps an updated design, who knows.


Best regards

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not sure but i'm having problem with it freezing up on G45 dell Vostro 420



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I would be willing to bet that the G45 chipset is to blame on that. Avermedia is a bit slow it seems on chipset compatibility. I think you would be best served staying in P or X series of chipsets. I can say that they seems to work well with the latest southbridges, both 10 and 10R.


I researched Dell before building the current computer, and it seemed that they didn't have the availability in what Avermedia needed until I looked at the T5400 and 7400 boxes, which were way too expensive.


Hope you can find a fix.

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