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samsung shr 5042 networking

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hi guys first post so heres hoping

i have a samsung SHR 5042 with the software for networking

i want to run it to a stand alone pc which is not on any network ie from the unit straight to pc . ive installed the software but i dont know what setting to have it on for network ie staic ip, dnds, etc

any help would be very gratfull and in return any help i can offer anybody will be a pleasure

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If its stand alone go in via the inbuilt web browser. Go to settings to find the unit ip and enter as http:/192.168.1 wotever it is. You dont need to install the software.


I got mine at my workshop linked through wireless router, does the job without wires

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thanks andy for your reply,

when you say browser do you mean the standard windows browser on the pc or is there a browser built into the samsung unit

sorry for being a thicko lol

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Yup just connect with network lead, go into settings to find system IP.( once connected test the IP in settings)


Then open internet explorer and enter the IP. Watch out for the firewall/anti virus allow messages and the inbuilt software will load from the dvr

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Hello, i have a Samsung DVR SHR5042 which i want to access from ouside world,

i have ruled my external adress to my internal adress and i am able to access it and to logon.

at that moment it si trying to search for the dvr with the external adress instead of the internal one.

When i do this internally it is working ok.

Can you help me please

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Hers one way to go, change ports if you like after you got it cracked.


have you static ip from your provider? yes then

enter dvr menu/ip setup.

use in `static ip`

then your subnet

then your router ip.

Port 554


The go Web settings set port 80.(80 is good as if you got internet you got port 80


In your router....


Port forward port 544 to dvr ip(or setup a device in router)


Port forward port 80(or whatever port your using) to dvr ip/device


Got to ip setup menu and test connection, ok?


If the dvr dont see your router you will be able to connect internaly using dvr ip but not from outside.


connect from outside world to your staic ip with :80 (port number) and your in or use net1 software as you already setup port 554

Need explorer, wont work on mozzilla. I find explorer 7 better for dvr.


Job done

If not setup DNS or go for a beer

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Niel here are the things you need for you to access the device in your PC using the software(I'm sure that this one is compatible with the Smart Viewer and the Net-i viewer CMS software) or accessing it using your web-browser.




You need a Crossover ethernet cable to connect the PC and the DVR

On your PC if it is an XP goto

-Start>Contol Panel>Network Connections(if you are on classic view)>right-click on your Local Area Connection>Properties>Click Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)>choose Use the following address>

Inside the IP Address box type: or any number from 1 to 254 except 100 because usually that is the default IP address of a Samsung DVR

Under the Subnet Mask make sure that the number is set to

No need to fill the gateway and the DNS Address because you ain't going to access it to the internet or outside.


To verify that you and the DVR are connected you need to ping the DVR and use the default IP Address.


If everything is set then you go to your browser(e.g. IEx, Firefox) but I recommend IE. Type and then the authentication screen will appear the username is admin and check the manual for the password I'm sure it's 11111111 or maybe 4321.


Hope it helps!

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I know this thread is over a year old, but its the closest guide I have found through searching.


I have a problem connecting to my Samsung DVR 5042 through my LAN. I have used DHCP in the settings, and connection test returns a good connection. When I try to access the DVR with its assigned IP address through any web browser, I have used IE, Firefox and Safari I can login to the web viewer but get a blank screen.


Im using a mac, would this be a problem?


I dont wish to access the web viewer over the internet via remote login, I would only like to view the DVR feed from any mac connected to the network.


Any help appreciated.

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