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8.3.1 and 1480 PCI-e X1 Card

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NOTE: this is my first time with 8.3


Installed for a friend on a decent Dual Core Intel PC everything up to spec. Dont have the DVR with me, did it there at his location so no time to do any real testing or troubleshooting. The card is plugged into the PCI-e X1 slot and is using power from the power supply, using the standard IDE power connector. The Audio extension board is also connected though no pigtails are attached to that. Anyway, found these 2 issues that maybe someone else has had and knows the solution to:


1-No cameras connected, not even the pigtails, but in View Log there is some kind of noise being recorded in what looks like a motion event. No Mic is connected, audio IS enabled by default. A couple times in live view I saw some noise come across the non existent video also.


2-In View log, although all 16 cameras are enabled in the system, multiview is not showing up for playback view, just single view and thumbnail.


3-He wants an antivirus though personally I never had issues without due to it being locked right down, so running AVG anyway - maybe he is going to browse the web who knows, I dont control him, I can only suggest against it Geo crashed at least once, illegal operation deal, so wondering if anyone else had issues running AVG with Geo?


Thats it for now. Other then that I hate 8.3


First time I have ever seen this on a GeoVision system. As mentioned everything is setup as previous systems. Only difference is it is XP SP3 and it has AVG. (i normally just use SP2). Ofcourse the Motherboard is newer but its basically just an upgrade to the older versions.


For myself? Im going to slap 7.0 with the 8.0 skin on a stripped and locked down $100 celeron pc with XP and no explorer shell, and call it a day

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