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I have recently fitted an Avtech 791 system at home.

It is connected to a 'SKY' router and i have set up a DNS account and port forwarding.


Using my wireless laptop at home i can see the DVR using Video Viewer through the local port and the DNS address.


I can go onto internet explorer and view the DVR using the DNS address.


Unfortuanately when i go to work and try to access the DVR through Video Viewer it comes up 'Login Fail' and if i try to access through internet exporer the DVR screen loads but the video screen is black and it says disconnect in the top lh corner.


Has anybody come across this in the past


Many Thanks for any assistance

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Hello welcome to the forum, sounds like and active x issue with the work system. Might want to try another network.

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I f you are using the same laptop one ued at home there is no issues with Activex unless you have a diffrent profile or login for work.


Make sure Port Forwarding is done right and all the Port required in order to view are forwarded to the IP of the DVR with proper Port numbers and Protocol, also double check on the DVR to verfiy if those ports are mentioed in DVR Setup right.

Ir works from home because you are on the same local network.

Good Luck

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