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Panasonic Bullet Housing

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Hi All,


Do any of you Panasonic experts know how to get the following housing that is actually pictured:




Does the above housing really exist? I know the picture says "appearance may vary" but the above is much better than the actual "PIH15W wall mount" (below).




Anyway, I would like to learn how to get the one pictured in the camera pack (first screen shot) rather than the older style (second screen shot).


Any help would be appreciated.





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Panasonic Security Systems has a dedicated National Technical Support Center (NTSC) to provide our customer base and sales network with the highest levels of technical support and service.

Technical Support

NTSC Technical Support Hotline

Phone: 1-800-528-6747 (option 2)

Fax: 1-888-809-6198

9am - 9pm EST M-F


Or via the Internet

E-mail: psditech@us.panasonic.com

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