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What do i need to send a signal over 3000ft

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I have a few cameras being installed very far away from the dvr.

its a NVT dvr. They used a 4 core outdoor telephone wire, a thick black wire to run from camera to dvr.


Will this work? can video be transmitted over that distance?

Or will i need to install a active transceiver at the end where the dvr is?


Please help

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What is an NVT DVR?

NVT make UTP (Cat5) Transmission Products, for exactly the application you are looking to do. Not sure about that wire though, its typically Cat5 and Cat6, basically UTP cable. Check their site for more info on the types of wiring though. http://www.nvt.com


From memory, I believe you could get away with one passive and one active at the other end for up to 3000' max, but to be safe I would just use Active on each end if I were to quote 3000' anyway, just incase. Passive to passive for up to 750' BTW. They have the individual passive and active baluns or the multi ones, typically would ofcourse have individual ones at each camera and the multi device at the head end. They have charts and info on their site. Its an expensive brand though, there are others that are cheaper.

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