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  1. Boogeyman. Like you have been told for years you know nothing about me. But trust me I don’t need to make money. Been there done that in one case not that long ago someone had a problem with a ptz on the forum. I was at his home the next day ..... 3700 mile away and no money past hands I charged him a cup of coffee. Been good friends since. Yes the cctv industry has been good to me over 30 years Dominican Republic America Spain uk have all been good areas for me. So far from how you say working out of a trunk. But the forum is a place to help and give something back I don’t have to hide like you when you change your name every 5 minutes on forums because your advice is crap and lies if you want to spend your life going around forums changing your name ever few months and hijack posts .... then that’s a good productive life for you. Which is probably a better solution than you dealing with the public
  2. tomcctv

    DVR + Cameras recommendations

    Hi. At the time if I had posted the link ..... then op would not of got a rack at a good price. But it if your looking ...... then try your local staples store. Last week I picked up 5 Poe switches .... 12 sets of av 1000 gigabit power line sets for 100. All new in box Not only are they selling there stock off they are also selling there shop fittings ...... all network and security including there rack mounts as you know staples office is in administration and all shop close in the next few weeks
  3. tomcctv

    16 ch shopping center

    When someone asks you to do a install you have two options .... you can say yes or no. Dont take this the wrong way but in your case I would say no.. fitting a domestic system into a shopping centre is your first mistake. Have your worked out the storage needed for 24/7 with motorised ? That system can’t do the storage you need so how will you retain/ store your talking dvr and nvr and coax so which platform are you installing also 2mp ...... look at something better ....why install something that is already out of date what country are you in
  4. It’s a house install ..... no need for fiber no difference will be seen either with car5 or 6
  5. Hi. With the reset button which is next to power and BBC’s connection .... hold in for 5 seconds .....press again every 5 seconds till it goes into standard analog...... then you will see menu controls again ..... factory reset then click iris +
  6. So I take it you have not worked out a price .? can Linux users add up ....... Sorry but it is not cost effective at all .... Just with a quick work out 4 cameras with PTZ ........... Is over $1.200 a year and only at CIF and only 12 hrs a day and only 3fps. That's cloud now computer software ........$100 a camera a year ....hik or dahua a Tenvis IP (which you buy for $30 .........costs $40 a year
  7. Your service cable will fit the full cnb ranger including HD analog i have 100s of them out ..... even profile picture is the same cam and that’s been there since I joined. Now that it’s apart you can see why I suggested doing settings at night
  8. The brown is for cnb in-line controller. Only altered the back light and dnr.... not worth the extra work if you send cnb a picture they will help
  9. Hi. Very good camera in its day. You cant connect that camera via rs485 only the 50 and 70mm had rs495 and lens protocols all your camera controls are behind the lens you need to remove 4 screws around your lens cover and pull it away ...... you will see the lens adjustment and the dip switches. I highly recommend that you do the camera settings at night for you to get the best result...... saves you removing lens cover all the time.. concept are just a uk reseller the makers are CNB tech
  10. Hi it needs software installed first ..... firmware is added later if needed. You need to talk to who you bought it from
  11. My point ..... fixed motorised lens .... how is that done ..... by magic ? Then the same spec tells you it’s 2.8 i would also trust hands on more than specs
  12. Hi. Is this a new system or has it worked if new it sounds like it’s not had the software loaded
  13. ONVIF on cameras has nothing to do with remote view once setup you should be using tinycam into NVR not each camera.. Have you tried another app
  14. I think we have had this discussion before. Tinycam is your problem ..... it’s not compatible with every nvr or dvr. Not one app does it all what make is your nvr and dvr.
  15. Hi.. instead of setting cameras for remote view it’s going to be much easier to setup your nvr