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  1. tomcctv

    1 camera port u/s

    Can you post details of your recorder
  2. tomcctv

    1 camera port u/s

    Hi …… this is a different description of your problem in first post Is it just one channel not showing a image
  3. tomcctv

    1 camera port u/s

    Ok good that test says a lot If 7 and 8 work independently but drops out if use both channels and you have done the test with other cameras it rules out faulty camera and cabling ….. it also rules out the channel chip …. ( on some units either 2 or 4 ) outputs share the same chip so next test is recorder settings ….. if your recorder is over 5 years old you might have reached a limit analog cvi tvi ahd are formats and some older units had a limit on how many you could set to each …. but also needed auto switching cameras I would now look under camera settings on recorder and see if you have settings for tvi cvi ahd or cbs and start to alter those on early dahua you could left click bottom left of each camera and pick the formate
  4. tomcctv

    1 camera port u/s

    Hi how are your camera powered up what happens when you do this test Take cam 1 and put into 7 and put 7 into 1
  5. Looking inside the unit will not help at all so you will be wasting your money calling this guy
  6. tomcctv

    looking for a wifi cctv camera

    $1000 for 1 camera …… wrong camera for the purpose
  7. Hi. It depends on the spec of your amcrest is it listed as poe. Is it a h265 camera as a lot of new cameras are factory set to h265 in which case you will need to connect it to your network first and go into menu and reset to h264 have you bought the camera new or used
  8. Hi yes it’s the same on most units These are streaming settings not recording settings that should not be affected no stream or substream will give you 5mp at 30 fps
  9. Hi. Your post is confusing 1-4 recording with no cameras connected ??? I think you just have a simple problem and it is drag and drop screen settings Using your mouse put 8 camera squares up and then put mouse over camera 5 hold left mouse button and drag 5 to 1 ……. 6 to 2 ….. 7 to 3 and the 8 to 4 this then puts your cameras back in order
  10. tomcctv

    Help with password

    Hi yes it will but see if it is day or month that changes tomorrow you can’t reset from inside the unit it’s external code only can you post a picture of the main screen so I can see what firmware your system is upto
  11. tomcctv

    Help with password

    Ok sounds like the oxy dahua you need to switch it off for 20mins ….. this clears the lock ….. it happens ever 3rd attempt of password xJHcRY1201 try that code but it expires at midnight
  12. tomcctv

    Technomate Mobile/Cellular Remote Viewing

    Hi. Go into menu then network …. Then on the top row you will see NAT ….. click that and you will see a QR code on your app …. Press the 3 lines on top left …then pick server list …. Top right you will see a + sign click that … then you will see scan code (qr code on you recorder screen ) …. Enter user name and password you have already set on your recorder …. Click save
  13. tomcctv

    Help with password

    Hi. Default is 888888 but today’s pass key is xJHcRY case sensitive
  14. Hi. I think it will make you feel better if I tell you that your link is one of the best systems on the market and the app is the best from anyone over the years full control of your system the system is infact a TVT and can run all formats cvi tvi ahd and IP upto 5mp channel selectable I have over 30 of these out and never had any problems why is cctv so expensive in America http://en.tvt.net.cn/upload/products/2021030615274245.pdf
  15. Hi are you using the analog side of the system (bnc plug). did you use a separate power supply for your ptz ? And which connectin did you use for ptz control