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  1. rSRQQqSRrz can only be used today
  2. Cheap and nasty click on plastic dome ..... no ip ratings you could not use that outside. no one uses domes anymore
  3. Hi. Is this the 2004 model Lef/10 ? Are you using the call adapter
  4. tomcctv

    Need Upgrade. please advise.

    Hi. In your first post you say 120 distance to car wash is that ft or meters This sounds like a power problem as that distance is no problem at all for cat5 with baluns. How are they wired and what size power supply.
  5. tomcctv

    Need Upgrade. please advise.

    Your link is more crap ..... Infact that wireless system was discussed on the forum 3 days ago .......and it was $290 cheaper..... It's a floureon...... It is not a NVR its a wireless dvr. if the range is too long for cable then wireless is no good .....and it will not have a 1000ft range. Still makes no difference....IBM or Lenovo don't make CCTV equipment. are all your current cameras on cat5 or coax..... Distance to your car wash is not a problem for either
  6. tomcctv

    Amcrest 10808 and varifocal Dahua

    Hi. You will need to add more information. is your dvr all formats.... Tvi CVI AHD? Why modify and why
  7. tomcctv

    Need Upgrade. please advise.

    Revo only rebadge..... They don't make and prices are ridiculous. why have you not asked them for 4K analog ? Same quality as IP .......but means you just replace cameras and dvr and still use your existing cameras and will not cost you $7k. But if you go IP IP use NVRs ..... So your answer is yes you can and a lot easier because you don't need to run cables .....as long as both NVRs are on the same network you can configure each screen to what ever camera. also 20 cameras with audio first you need to check with your state laws on recording audio. second, audio will use up your HD space in days as it always records you only need audio at cash areas.
  8. Hi. Also with the ds7200s you have the option of h264 and 265 .....so your estimated days will increase to 32 from 16 .......less data. So it might start to over right in next day or so. 5gb might not change ..... It will be what is left not what is used ...... Files are writen in 20mins sections
  9. ........its live overlay so only 1 time is involved......the NVR
  10. tomcctv

    Cameras and NVR

    Graham you don't have a faulty unit ............this is something you probably don't want to hear. wireless systems are crap .... And always have been .....search wireless on the forum and you will see the past 10 years wireless does not work. the link you posted about same system ..... Let's break down the price. £150 /$160 it comes with 1tb hard drive ......... £60. That leaves £90 left for 1 recorder and 4 cameras ..... That's £18 / $20 each component ..... That is cheap junk. The guy on YouTube is right...........but Floureon also sells IP systems (which yours is not) and you can boost the signal with repeaters.........cat5 cable is used. you can not make a wireless system better. There are too many othe factors that reduce the range. ....... This is why they are cheap. i would spend more time on a forum and learn a little about systems before you buy another....... It will save you money in the long run. and don't buy from eBay or Amazon and the likes .....most is out of date crap and over priced. buy from a uk distributor
  11. tomcctv


    Sunnykim sunnykim ..... your best not using the forum while drunk.
  12. tomcctv

    Cameras and NVR

    You 100% DO NOT HAVE a ip system. No you can’t boost the signal. Now the link you sent ...... which is the same unit I posted .... except black no white but read the camera spec ..... it says PAL ...... which means it’s analog.... you have a wireless system system just like a wireless door bell 2.4Ghz your recorder connects to your router which gives you the ability to view on other devices
  13. Hi. How important is the footage. Most systems have a watermark embedded into the recorded footage. it will tell you if anything is altered
  14. tomcctv

    Cameras and NVR

    Hi. The one above also has two aerials. so you have a wireless only system 2.4GHz..... No IP protocol so you can't connect cameras to your router. you only have two options move cameras to get a better signal or move recorder to a better central point this is the problem with wireless systems .......spec range does not account for walls or what the walls are made from. There is not much you can do.
  15. tomcctv

    Cameras and NVR

    I left a picture on last post ...... Is that the same as yours. Ok try this ......switch off your recorder and see if your cameras are still on the Internet . its the recorder giving you Internet access not the cameras. another test......switch off your router and see if your cameras are still on the recorder screen.