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  1. tomcctv

    sde-4001n android software

    Hi. Your system would of used the Ipolis app the wiseview will not work on your system your problem is having a 15 year old system as apps had updates your dvr unit did not. Support stopped for your system in 2015 Unfortunately you can use your system as is with windows viewer (but support has ended) and your other problem is your cameras are not compatible with a modern dvr ….. if I remember your cameras are connected via rj10 plugs
  2. Hi …. It depends on the number of cameras and nvr power drew 100w dc is only 6amp so can’t run much and without battery storage you will have no night protection if you own and rent out the premises then why not use the power already in place ……just add extra meter for system power usage
  3. tomcctv

    HIK Vision - Networking Issues

    Hi …as you can see looking in history of forum … I hate hikvision ….. cameras are ok but recorders and there app are useless…. to old and to much information collecting do you know the make of your power line addaptors and data transfer rate … are you using a hi-view recorder ?
  4. Ok that system you have is a TVT nvr (very good system) remote viewing is done with a app called SuperLive plus what problems are you having
  5. Ok … that unit does not need updating Are you a business or for home use and can you edit your last post and remove the picture were are you based
  6. Hi. Upgrading firmware will be a mistake especially on a falcon unit. The falcon name was used on a few nvr brands so wrong firmware will kill your unit to determine which unit you have ….. do you use a app for remote viewing ? can you post a image of menu screen
  7. YOU HAVE A RF CHINA UNIT NOT A DAHUA this might make it clear for you companies like rf copy units …… lookup dahua copy or hik but let’s see how your looking wrong YOU DO NOT HAVE A NVR5416IP-4k-ks which is the right part number for dahua unit DAHUA don’t use or have NVD 5416IP-4k part number …… dahua also print there name on the identity label ……. Yours does not have that ITS A COPY AND YOU WILL NOT GET GENUINE DAHUA FIRMWARE TO WORK ON IT i could send you the past 10 years dahua firmware but it’s pointless However RF have that model software on there website ……. Which I have posted many times for you I have been buying direct from dahua since 2004
  8. Hi. It would be better to contact lorex support again …….. it’s better than using a firmware from a 3rd arty what is the problem with your recorder ?
  9. tomcctv

    CCTV DVR stuck in upgrade loop

    Hi ok that means you have the xmeye unit when you set your system up did you use the qr code
  10. That’s because your firmware is not compatible with the software on your nvr and I don’t understand why your using secure crt it is as simple as RF website download the firmware for your nvr model…… extract the files onto a usb drive ……. Switch off nvr insert usb drive …… restart nvr ……. Go make a coffee for an hour
  11. Ok sounds like you have it under control firmware works on camera but not nvr and there is a very good reason for that…….. it’s not the same firmware one email would of sorted your nvr out days ago
  12. tomcctv

    CCTV DVR stuck in upgrade loop

    Hi. Yes your right the Quattro does not have auto update it was a manual setting this was a problem with the Quattro a few years back and there was a firmware fix… but now not available can you tell us which remote app you are using as the Quattro could use 3 types but yes you can stop the update by changing some IP and port settings
  13. We’re did you get the files from ??? your problem like said before …. You don’t have a dahua nvr i could open a portal for a hour to get the dahua software (not firmware) but it’s pointless as the hardware is not dahua again get In touch with the manufacturers who are a company called RF China
  14. tomcctv

    CCTV Operator Training

    Hi. Not a bad career change ….. but it’s not easy to get into casino work …. Infact impossible…… reason being is as well as licence training you also need casino training….. and there usually only use in-house staff …… as one retires next moves up a position but before you do anything you need to be sia licensed ……. They offer training….. you won’t get anywhere without it sia will also give you more job opportunities like airport and harbour work as well as boarder’s here are two links worth looking into one is also a forum worth being a member and getting to know jobs a laws and meeting others in that career https://www.securityindustry.org/ https://www.closeprotectionworld.com/forum/
  15. tomcctv


    Hi. I think it’s time for a upgrade….. there is no support for a 13 year old cif record unit