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  1. tomcctv

    DVR remote app to with with Google

    Hi. The problem is you can’t turn cheap into good the app was removed from iOS in 2021 Aldi stopped selling that equipment as far as other apps…. Your system is P2P it needs to communicate with the China server for remote viewing
  2. Hi do you know the make of your camera at the moment your camera will be CVBS (analog) to match your recorder …. Your camera will also have a HD digital signal something like TVI …CVI … or AHD Most were TVI and AHD formats that are compatible with each other CVI is a dahua format you will get video but no audio i would look at a munufactuers make than a rebadged unit like zosi hikvision or a TVT 4 in 1 recorder as a replacement how many cameras do you have
  3. Hi it was hard to download footage at the best of time with avtech codex’s problems this may help you but it also depends on which windows you are using https://www.solvusoft.com/en/files/error-virus-removal/exe/windows/avtech/videoplayer-application/playerlitehj-exe/
  4. Hi it is a new dvr and it needs to be the hikvision
  5. tomcctv

    IP cameras setup

    Hi yes your right cameras can be connected direct to nvr and without network but your nvr and your cameras must be Poe some nvrs and cameras are not check size of power supply on nvr this will let you know if Poe or not
  6. ???? How can that be …… it depends on signal type
  7. You are right there is a converter but you’re not only doing audio over coax you also have video …. Converter’s can’t split them up Aoc cameras have been out a long time it’s nothing new but it is only digital on tvi and on some cvi ahd units your problem is also going to be converting the data (digital signal) to analog on recorder
  8. Hi AOC is digital usually on the TVI platform of cameras and recorders RCA is analog is it not possible to get new cable to camera area and use a mic
  9. tomcctv

    oyn-x recorder

    And it is a simple operation but you need to sit back and read the posts I have stated multiple times. You can’t use someone else’s screen shot as you have twice i am not going to beg you for me to fix your system…. That I will never happen
  10. tomcctv

    oyn-x recorder

    I am not the manufacturer you don’t have any service contract with me …. I am not responsible for your lost password I never installed your system i am a forum member who helps with passwords……. Not many people have the password generator for TVT systems they are made secure for a reason infact one of the most secure systems on the market I have already said using other members screen shot is no good for you ”if I was to take a screen shot” it does not bother me what you deside I have explained what I need it takes a little time and effort from me as I don’t keep passwords in my pocket but I surgest you try your installer
  11. tomcctv

    oyn-x recorder

    Hi it’s nothing like your screen shot AS ITS NOT YOUR SCREEN SHOT you have posted
  12. tomcctv


    Hi what part of the world are you in ? Are you tne user or installer and what type of building is it
  13. tomcctv

    oyn-x recorder

    Why are you using other peoples screen shots ???? mall you are doing is confusing the thread screen shots must be taken of your own recorder. Using other peoples will not work on yours it also tells you at the bottom of the screen not to switch off from it till new password is inserted
  14. I do hope your not in the UK 240v cameras ??? and no numbugs don’t work on HD cameras as digital signal not analog (only analog) why have you posted a video of your problem and come to a conclusion that it’s earth related even to the point your thinking of putting in 25mm earth bonding you video shows a problem with a ptz that is class 2 so no earth and on top of that your picture if perfect until you move the ptz which also tells you IT IS NOT A EARTH PROBLEM otherwise it would always be there you state in earlier post between 1 and 2amp psu for ptz yet you still have not given details asked …… size of power unit type and size of power cable and distance of cable
  15. Hi on old stuff like this you might get lucky or not that pano was out around the time of having to use partitions drives on a lot of systems also a lot of licences will of run out that will not allow you to look at the footage like Java the partitions held operating system and backup and footage either on seperate hard drives or just one what I would do is use a pc not connected to the internet i would then change the date on that pc to 2008 then install your Panasonic drive and see if it detects it then drive should be E …… use config to open and look for either footage or master……… on Panasonic backup file also has player embedded but as you know it’s hit or miss one simple mistake on a 250 or 500 it will format