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  1. tomcctv

    any good vms for retail? bi report required

    Hi. Dashboard is only with hik AI nvrs or cameras big expense for a basic reporting
  2. Hi. Windows can work with Linux now that you can ping the dvr you will hit another problem .... all licences will have run out on dvr ...... so to get around this you would set your PC time and date to something like March 2003 then try again
  3. tomcctv

    add wireless camera to a dvr

    Hi can you list dvr you have (model) also camera you want to connect
  4. Yes that could be another option ...... take ops mind off his problem but at least he would have a calculator
  5. Hi. Like a lot of systems tripwire does not work alongside privacy masking. also you would be taking protection away from apartment B. your talking about camera on your floor ..... what about the stairway and camera covering lifts on ground floor ..... your still going to be seen as you enter and exit the block
  6. Hi. Both systems have privacy masking but it’s not going to help in your situation you would still be captured as lift areas can’t be masked it would prevent system from recording anything Sounds like the camera would be a big benefit to you only other option is to put a paper bag over your head every time you leave your apartment
  7. Hi are you inputting the code into dvr ? with it being 16 way is this for a business or home use
  8. Leeds ... not that far from me qRSeSzeSzQ remember case sensitive date change is a sign of being hacked
  9. Hi so long as your date is right on recorder that is the password. hik units can also be hacked and password changed ..... also sounds like your on the cloud connection can you let me know if the date is correct on recorder what part of uk
  10. Hi. You can become certified by just buying a pen with hikvision on it ...... no such thing as hik certified even there tech support know nothing rSQQrqQRrq case sensitive.... are you in the uk
  11. Hi. Yes 2001 to 2010 Yes that is the same as any dvr once removed but in your case you still have a good chance of getting the player off the dvr you have. connect the dvr you have and install another hard drive (no need for cameras) .... go into settings on dvr and setup a local ip and port so as it’s on your network. go to pc also on the same network and type the dvr ip into browser with port number some thing like this http//192.168.xx.xx/5000 remember allow admin mode it will then give you options on download remote player. Load it onto your pc .... once loaded you no longer need the dvr next you will need to connect the hard drive you want to extract the footage from to your pc .... hard drive reader or something along those lines min settings on the loaded remote software you will see source..... pick your drive i can’t remember how files are listed there is one place you might find the disks but we’re are you located
  12. Hi. Do you still have the dvr ? the pelco has remote monitoring and player built into the unit and can be extracted by connecting to the unit via LAN which then can be loaded onto a pc same sort of setup like the avermedia DVRs
  13. tomcctv

    Help with a system

    Hi. Mobotix is good equipment do a search on the forum and you will see many discussions... I listed equipment I install for an American hotel chain. Problem is it has premium price which in reality cant be justified ..... even there own cameras a few years old can’t be connected to mobotix move nvr .... last few months they have discontinued 70% of there cameras. just logged into mobotix for a quick price. move nvr .......... $600 Mobotix m73.......$780 each mobotix m16 ......$700 each so for around $3.720 plus cable plus fitting is high for a 4 camera system a brand that has also been around a long time is TVT. It is China made and one of the best viewing apps on the market. It outdoes hikvision and dahua good to see your doing your homework before you buy
  14. tomcctv

    Help with a system

    Hi mobotix is now known as Konica Minolta mobotix of Japan I have just looked at installers in your area no one wants to tell you what equipment they use and some sites the price to buy only is stupid money. but most look like hikvision or dahua dahua by the way is lorex (Canada) and I would choose dahua over old hikvision i would look at using a local electrician and buying the equipment yourself
  15. tomcctv

    Help with a system

    Hi. Unfortunately everything is from China or Taiwan even your first mobotix choice is China owned company (was Germany)