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  1. They might be from your installer but there not that much . why start to pay to use cameras with a licence ?? a VMS .....video managment software ...... Something you would use on a PC to control and view cameras. sticking with your coax you could go 2mp upto 8mp ..... Use a standalone for storage and use a PC with a good vms ........ And have no yearly licence costs on each camera
  2. Hi I think your own answer is right 1amp per camera is a good fix point so as you can’t buy 4amp a 5amp power block is more than enough a camera uses more power at night when it switches over to b/w and also switches on its IR ...... also there needs to be enough power for a surge when all your cameras switch over at the same time. pre made cables can also be a problem if there not coax and should not be used for cctv ... the power side of them is too small as in the cable size
  3. Yes I know we’re you are located ...... and it all happends buy the shop at top of your road like I said walk around the streets and look at cameras I know of 6 on houses in 300m of you also we have a lamppost camera we keep moving around that area for a agent forget the £75 camera link from China and look at uk based 4mp small there around £55 and there software is very good in fact ...... this is a 3mp and it’s about 80m from you check your pm for image
  4. I know the port very well... what part ... Sutton way .. Whitby or princess road area .... if your only looking at 1 or two cameras then just use the software that comes with camera you only need to go 4mp if using a laptop
  5. tomcctv

    Choosing the right Security camera

    Nothing but junk ........ You have to leave light on ........it has to be a a good wifi location ........ There not a reliable security system
  6. Hi logistics warehouse would be the ideal environment for that recorder ..... log every vehicle that enters and leaves the number I sent you he will tell you it’s spec since he built it let us know
  7. Hi you will just be wasting money .... what software what size pc ... and I take it you need remote view by the time you built something with that camera ....your going to end up with something the same size as a standard camera. A lot of people say they don’t want cameras on there house ... the fact is no one notices them there so small now take a walk around your streets and look for houses with camera .... you will be surprised just how many there are once your looking for them what is your budget and we’re are you based
  8. tomcctv

    Pulling cable for 16 cameras

    It’s ok home diyer at home but your doing commercial...... forget splicing and soldering (which is not code) home run cable is the best option a joint splice solder in any cctv is bad also cat5 or coax it’s not like standard analog where cat5 would help on longer runs HD analog could involve you reducing camera resolution on cameras over that distance 16 cat5 video 16cat5 power That’s 32 at office coax shotgun only 16 and cleaner
  9. Hi . I don’t think it is the aver platform did it come out of a location that would of used ANPR ... (check number plates in and out ) ill pm you the guys phone number who used to build them post the spec back on here
  10. Hi 960h ..... yes that will work on your tv rca .... with a bnc to rca connector
  11. tomcctv

    Pulling cable for 16 cameras

    Ok. So you have all licences in place but you can solder and splice cat5 do you know what type of system they bought at a $100 a day for a lift I would look at new cables or your going to find yourself working for nothing
  12. Thought so not many of the BI3 were sold .... Windows 7 . People looking for better resolution your hikvision 16 way 2mp system would sell ..... Do you have 16 cameras that go with it ? just work out a price someone on the forum might be interested
  13. Hi. Windows based analog 8 way DVR ....... Do you have the pig tail BNC lead that goes with it it's called either the aver or the BI3 . Are you uk based
  14. Hi. It also depends on camera ......can't find anything with your listed model number. it could also be HD analog tvi or cvi or AHD .... In which case you would need a DVR compatable
  15. Hi. You will need to use a TV with a scart or RCA video input .... But your best buying a DVR if you want to record connecting it up to a monitor direct will not work of give you a image