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  1. tomcctv


    Hi usually the defaults password for that dvr is leave password blank or 888888
  2. Hi. The problem with these cheap P2P cameras is the first initial setup …… using there qr code….. registration is already done at there server it says it is onvif which I doubt is true can you get the external iP of the camera ? you might have to go into your router log and look for attached devices to find the IP address you also need to do this to remove it so as the P2P no longer connects
  3. tomcctv

    Upgrade coax system to HD, or run cat5e?

    Hi. These days coax or cat5 makes no difference. Both now go upto 4K hd so you can use your existing cables there is no visible difference between both but I would say coax systems are a little smoother I would say don’t mess about with hikvision crap it’s behind the times and is full of limitations what is your budget and how many cameras
  4. tomcctv

    Ranch Setup in Northern Michigan

    Hi bison nice to see your doing your homework it does save you lots of money in the end. a system does not require using your slow home network as an IP system is a standalone local network on its own and plug and play so it’s something you can install yourself I would use a 4way nvr with 4 cameras ( can be ptz or standard cameras) for the close areas and for your remote areas I would use 4g ptz cameras with solar say two of them iP cameras don’t need power at camera location as cat5e cable also powers the camera. Cable runs upto 400ft as for your remote cameras who do you use for your cell phone …… Vodafone t-mobile and some others do a cell plan for $10 a month does not matter how much data it all depends on your budget ?
  5. tomcctv

    D-Link and Google Home

    Hi. Alexa - amazon - Google home operation also needs the camera to be compatible and none of yours can be updated as they are classed as end of life cameras …… no updates or security fixes available anymore you will find it better and also a longer life if you start to update but with a nvr. So as you don’t have to keep replacing or loosing updates after only a few years going nvr also does not need google home on each camera as it’s built into some nvrs … which makes it cheaper for cameras
  6. tomcctv

    Prolux camera's not working

    Hi. How many cores of cat5 did you use for baluns and how many for power
  7. tomcctv

    Unknown password

    Have you tried the setup codes 888888 and also leave password blank what time and date is your recorder showing
  8. tomcctv

    Unknown password

    Ok can you post a picture of the menu
  9. tomcctv

    Unknown password

    Another 3 but switch off recorder first for 20 minutes mid it’s not one of these then it’s not an Apollo…. It could be a pioneer 453784 168816 557456
  10. tomcctv

    Unknown password

    557456 there are a number of passwords to try for the Apollo before you enter any code switch your unit off for 20mins in case you was locked out then try 557456 and try 168816 after 3 attempts switch unit off for another 20 mins
  11. tomcctv

    Unknown password

    Hi explorer would be a better app did that code work
  12. tomcctv

    Unknown password

    Hi. Do you know which app you are using ? 168816
  13. tomcctv

    Fuzzy HD-CVI Video Sometimes...

    Why ???
  14. tomcctv

    Need Help With Dark CCTV Footage

    Hi. I think I can just make out we’re the car is and that took some time two little dots at end of driveway is not going to tell you anything footage says 4 months old …. You should of posted earlier as your other options may also of gone. incases like this that other peoples cctv can help piece things together going around your area looking for other cctv cameras or ring doorbell cameras but what you have posted is not going to give you any information but I would say is move your camera as the roof of the carport is whitening out your camera …. IR needs to be directed down your driveway
  15. tomcctv

    housekeeper didn't know

    You will have a long wait ….. also why put a link in your post ???